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Another train: Industry on parade

Albany has been a railroad town since the century before the last one. Residents get plenty of chances to watch trains go by, as I did again on Wednesday at the Burkhart Street crossing for pedestrians and bikes. The train was short, but it still had… Continue reading

A question about felons and guns

When it comes to gun stories in the news, one question of considerable interest is rarely addressed: Exactly how did the felons in the stories obtain the firearms they are charged with unlawfully possessing?

It’s beginning to look like the plan

It was possible today to begin to see the outline of the new home of the Albany Carousel, and guess what — it matches the artist’s rendering that everybody has been looking at for a couple of years.

No show so far at new swift roost

Well, Thursday night was a bust as far as swifts were concerned. The Audubon Society of Corvallis and associated bird groups announced an “Albany Swift Tower Monitoring” for Thursday evening. No swifts swooped in to test their new roost. And nobody else showed up to… Continue reading

30 years in Congress: Still plugging away

Monday afternoon didn’t promise any greater excitement elsewhere, so why not take in a public “town hall” meeting put on by Congressman Peter DeFazio, the Democrat who has represented Oregon’s 4th District since way before anybody worried about global warming. So I went.

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