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Back-in parking: A matter of inches

So how’s Albany’s new back-in angled parking working out? OK, I guess, but I’m getting a little worried about the new trees the city just paid to have planted.


M’burg: New plant, more houses

Don’t think that a big new truck stop is the only thing going on in Millersburg. I found out otherwise when I wondered this week whether the city on Albany’s north side had yet issued a building permit for Love’s Travel Center and Country Store,… Continue reading


Wayfinding price found way too stiff

Most members of Albany’s urban renewal board want to install “wayfinding signs” downtown to point out the sights. But they’re not about to pay anything close to $300,000 — which was one estimate — to get it done.


Road and bridge plan: Check it out

It lacks something in entertainment value, but if you use the roads and bridges around the mid-valley, the draft of the next STIP is of interest anyway.


Tax on gun sales helps keep it open

The afternoon of Christmas Eve found me and my bike at the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area. Even though I didn’t see any wildlife other than birds, having this 1,788-acre tract within easy reach is one of the benefits of living in the Albany area.

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