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Poker room ban? Not this time

Passing this poker room on Old Salem Road on a bike ride Sunday, I naturally wondered whatever happened to the legislature’s attempt to shut down places like this? As it turns out, the bill what would have banned private poker clubs died at the end… Continue reading


Bowers Rock: County is trying

Sunshine and dry weather meant it was time for my annual visit to Bowers Rock State Park. The park is a good place to see natural open space along the Willamette River. And it’s still hard to get to because there’s no easy place to park and the only access road… Continue reading


NA zoning case goes to council

The Albany City Council faces a tough choice next week in the appeal of a controversial zoning proposal. A developer from Portland wants property in North Albany to be rezoned for a housing project, and neighbors have vehemently objected. The council has to take one side or the… Continue reading


Yard debris issue coming up again

Albany Councilman Mike Sykes wants the council to revisit the idea of weekly rather than biweekly yard debris pickup, which it turned down last October. And he’ll get his wish.


Benton has plan for N. Albany Park

Benton County has completed a conceptual master plan for North Albany County Park, where more than a hundred “hazard trees” weakened by drought and bugs were removed last year. Friday’s windstorm felled a few more, laying them across a house near the entrance to the… Continue reading

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