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If it moves, get out of the way

If this train had been moving, it would have been pretty stupid to be standing here taking its photo. But, having crossed the Willamette River on the Albany rail bridge, the train was parked on the track just short of Second Avenue. What an opportunity to take closer look!

Benton initiative: Better way of voting

One proposal on the Nov. 8 ballot in Benton County would slightly change the way we vote, and if we adopt it, we might set an example for Oregon that could improve the way our government works.

Expect a rebuild at Wendy’s too

Things are happening on the Albany fast-food front. Not only is the Burger King on Geary Street going to be rebuilt, as reported yesterday, but the closed Wendy’s on Pacific will be remodeled as well.

NA Park: Cleanup and new concepts

As you can see and hear, the cleanup continues at North Albany County Park after the harvest of scores of ailing and dead Douglas firs. Meanwhile, Benton County is getting ready to unveil its concepts for updating the 22-acre park and dealing with the nearby 10-acre wooded parcel newly donated by… Continue reading

Another train: Industry on parade

Albany has been a railroad town since the century before the last one. Residents get plenty of chances to watch trains go by, as I did again on Wednesday at the Burkhart Street crossing for pedestrians and bikes. The train was short, but it still had… Continue reading

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