Downtown Dig is taking longer

Construction work was going on Monday at the intersection of Second Avenue and Ellsworth Street.

As busy as the crews working on Albany's $8 million downtown "streetscape" project have been, they're not going to get it all done this year as city officials had originally hoped. Continue reading

Part of pot tax is … secret?

A sunset in Benton County, which got about $190,000 in the state's first marijuana tax distribution.

Considering that the tax revenue from legal marijuana was an issue in last year's local campaigns, you'd think the amount collected from local taxes would be of great and consuming interest. But this information remains hidden so far. Continue reading

On west side, cluster housing

The view northwest from S.W. 14th Avenue and Hop Street Monday afternoon.

Part of the open countryside at the western end of Albany's 13th Avenue has been torn up for the construction of a subdivision of 32 single-family residential lots. Continue reading

Sundays at Hackleman: Pickleball

My leisurely bike tour of Albany neighborhoods Sunday afternoon took me past Hackleman Park, where I spent a few minutes watching people playing pickleball. If you thought this was a sedate pastime for geezers, think again. Continue reading

Albany Hydro restart is delayed

The water you see rushing down the end of the Albany Santiam Canal on Friday is not, obviously, going through the turbine of Albany Hydro. The hydropower generator has been shut down since June, which is normal, but its restart this fall has been delayed. Continue reading

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