Council seems open to local gas tax

Traffic on Ninth Avenue on March 4: An Albany gas tax looks possible.

The Albany City Council seems open to the idea of putting a local gas tax before the voters this fall. That's the impression I got after catching the tail end of a council work session on Monday. Continue reading

Willamette revival one house at a time

Paul Dykast outside the Albany house he remodeled: "Farmers know how to do things."

Albany's Willamette Neighborhood is coming back, and Paul Dykast and others like him are the reason why. They see an old house, dilapidated and maybe covered in vines, and seize the opportunity to make it into an appealing home that is both traditional and new. Continue reading

Bill takes aim at left-lane hogs

The proposed left-lane law would not affect this situation. But look at the blue sky in this shot from the files!

On a slow day you can always amuse yourself by browsing what the Oregon legislature is up to. Take, for instance, the left-lane bill that cleared a Senate committee last Wednesday by a vote of 4 to zip. Continue reading

Diverse ideas for new ‘natural area’

Brianna Heese, a grad student from Missouri, incorporated elements of Oregon history in her concept of the landscape design.

It took each of 13 graduate students in landscape architecture only a few weeks to come up with a different concept of how Albany might some day develop the East Thornton Lake Natural Area. They got the assignment in January, and on Friday they showed their plans to a small but appreciative audience at City Hall. Continue reading

St. Francis fix: ‘Financially unfeasible’

Students present their analysis of renovating the old St. Francis for apartment housing.

Renovating the former St. Francis Hotel in downtown Albany is not financially feasible, two groups of students at the University of Oregon have concluded after a thorough analysis of the costs and potential returns. Continue reading

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