Why the Benton blackout of KOIN?

That's all that Comcast customers in Benton County saw today when they tried to get Channel 6.

Portland TV station KOIN is no longer available on the Comcast cable system in Benton County, and both the station and the cable company left viewers in the dark about the reason why. Continue reading

In NA, a country lane’s upgrade

This end of Crocker Lane, empty at mid-morning Thursday, will be transformed into a city street this summer.

The price has gone up, but owners in the North Creek Subdivision still won't have to pay for turning part of Crocker Lane in North Albany from a county road into a city street. Continue reading

What developer envisions in NA

Jim Winkler, the developer seeking to rezone five parcels he owns in North Albany, at City Hall during Wednesday's hearing.

Jim Winkler would like to show the Albany City Council his concept of what he wants to develop on about 12 acres he owns north of Hickory Street in North Albany. But he says a Portland fire crashed the computer server on which the presentation was stored, so the council at his request on Wednesday continued a public hearing on rezoning his land. Continue reading

Trump would close Albany lab

The main building of the National Energy Technology Laboratory on Queen Avenue this morning.

It was not unexpected, but the news is still a blow to Albany: The Trump Administration plans to close the Albany branch of the National Energy Technology Laboratory and transfer its work and equipment to Pittsburg, PA, or Morgantown, WV. Continue reading

Back-in parking: Your opinion?

A driver tries the new parking layout in front of the Albany Post Office Tuesday.

So, if you've tried to back into the new parking layout outside the Albany Post Office, how did you like it? There was some initial reaction on social media, and I'd like to hear from people about how this worked for them. Continue reading

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