Hoping for a park bridge, some day

The Calapooia River near where a floating footbridge briefly connected Monteith (left) and Bryant parks in the 1990s.

There are practical reasons why a footbridge across the Calapooia River between Monteith and Bryant parks has not been rebuilt, but the idea of summertime link between these popular parks is still a good idea. Continue reading

Albany to quit licensing cabs

Wes Hare talks about taxi regulation while Peter Troedsson, left, his successor as city manager, and others listen.

Unless council members change their mind, Albany is going to drop its already minimal regulation of taxi cabs. And as for ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft,  the council showed no enthusiasm for trying to hamper them with local rules. Continue reading

As demand for power grows…

Somebody asked me the other day what the activity at the Vine Street substation of Pacific Power was all about. The short answer is "construction." The actual answer has to do with growth, and I got it from Pacific's public affairs section in Portland. Continue reading

Thinking of carousel parking ideas

At City Hall they've been thinking about what to do if an acute parking shortage hits downtown once the Albany Carousel opens. And no, the alternatives so far don't include asking visitors to come by bike, as much sense as that (in theory) would make. Continue reading

Change coming on grocery front

Parking spaces for new "ClickList" program have been painted at the Albany Fred Meyer store.

Change and innovation are about to hit the Albany grocery-buying scene in a couple of different ways: the opening of a huge new supermarket and the start of parking lot service at a long-established one. Continue reading

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