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This shooting doesn’t fit

The mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Sept. 16 will likely not result in any new laws because it does not fit the gun-control narrative. The shooter, who killed 12, was not armed with an AR-15 “assault rifle,” despite initial media reports and editorial… Continue reading


Walk faster, Grandma: Seconds count!

Have you seen those pedestrian traffic signals that tell people how many seconds they have left before — before what exactly? Before they can expect to get run over? The signals count down the seconds after the “walk” signal has changed to red. In Albany… Continue reading


Those Obamacare ads: “Huh?”

Many Americans are reported to be unaware of exactly how Obamacare is supposed to work when it kicks in next year. It’s hard to see how Oregon’s publicity campaign is improving things on that front. “Long Live Oregonians,” the billboards are telling people. Come again?… Continue reading


Waiting for a green that never comes

This summer I had the opportunity to ride my bike around California’s Newport Beach, and I was delighted to find that the street department there had placed buttons where cyclists can reach them to activate the traffic signals when there happen to be no cars… Continue reading


Mythology downtown: Icarus?

This is not a forum for critical appraisals of public art. But let’s make an exception here for the Icarus mural that covers the entire side of a two-story building on First Avenue in downtown Albany. Does this, I ask you, does this look anything like… Continue reading

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