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Prisons: The main question

Oregon puts a lot of people in prison, and this is very expensive. Legislators including Albany’s Andy Olson, who served on a special commission on sentencing, have been looking for a solution. The most obvious answer is for fewer people to become criminals. If everybody… Continue reading


Using sense on security

Public school authorities in Albany — and most likely elsewhere too — are spending part of the summer reviewing what else they might do to enhance security. Let us hope they don’t go overboard. In Albany, they seem to be taking a sensible, level-headed approach.… Continue reading


Report but don’t confront or shoot

The not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman murder case in Florida on July 13 confirmed what the local police had concluded last year — that this neighborhood volunteer had shot and killed a young man in apparent self defense. George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder only after… Continue reading


The state in charge of childhood

Under Governor Kitzhaber and the people in charge of the legislature, Oregon is setting up an elaborate but only vaguely defined government machinery to be in charge of bringing up children. Over the objections of most Republicans in the House and Senate, the legislature approved… Continue reading


Woodland Square: An update

At Albany’s Woodland Square trailer park, the plan is still for Innovative Housing Inc., a Portland developer of affordable housing, to turn the site into a 54-unit complex for working people. But the $10.6 million project hinges on state approval of grants and federal low-income… Continue reading

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