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That urban ‘vandal’ has buck teeth

Written April 9th, 2021 by Hasso Hering

On the Periwinkle Bike Path on Friday afternoon.

Somebody was alarmed by what she had seen near the north end of Albany’s Periwinkle Bike Path, and she wanted something done.

“Well someone is cutting down trees on Periwinkle Creek in Kinder Park,” she complained to the Albany Parks and Recreation Department via Facebook. “Look into that. There’s at least 5 trees chopped down by a vandal.”

Parks and Recreation replied: “Actually that vandal is a beaver. He doesn’t know any better and is building a dam.  He will be relocated soon to a safe place that is more conducive to beavers.”

Parks employee Rose Lacey shared the Facebook comment and reply with Rick Barnett, the parks facilities and maintenance manager.

“We went looking for the beaver tonight,” she reported. “Saw lots of trees down and activity but no beaver.”

This is not the first report of an Oregon state mascot on this waterway, as you can see if you go back to this story on hh-today in July 2020.

What can we make of this? Well, looking on the bright side, we can be glad that despite the shopping carts, plastic bags and other trash in the channelized creek, beavers apparently still survive.

Hooray for those tough urban beavers, doing their thing in the middle of town. (hh)

More young trees — poplars or cottonwoods? — were down on the opposite bank.


11 responses to “That urban ‘vandal’ has buck teeth”

  1. Lindell Johnson says:


  2. Don says:

    Relocating is in it self a crime. They are destroying tree on our farm. Few is acceptable but it populating did but need any new blood.

  3. Harry Kennedy says:

    that was a funny uplifting story
    Thank you
    I always enjoy your articles

  4. Farmer says:

    Vandals? Who took whose property? Like the Indian, the beavers were here first. Now we want to relocate them to a “more conducive” place. Next thing you’ll hear is the government will want to pay reparations to the beavers’ children. In the long run, might be cheaper to integrate the beaver into our society. Some might learn from them, like how to work and be creative.

  5. Eldon Garner says:

    Haha Haha

  6. Rich Manning says:

    “GO BEAVS!!”

  7. JENNIFER D. MUNRO says:

    Glad it’s a beaver and not a nutria (non-native).

  8. TOPTBOSS says:

    Leave the Beav! The city has deemed the area a natural habitat so let the beavers, nutria, ducks and others enjoy the area! The trees have been ‘coming down’ for about 1.5 years…
    Maybe offer more concern for the human habitation in the area making camps for themselves.

  9. john hartman says:

    The author’s use of the pejorative, “buck teeth” is just another egregious example of mass media’s insensitivity to real difficulties. It is challenging enough just to survive in the world of semi-aquatic rodents without all the negative press. Perhaps, if the author were forced to gnaw down small trees in order to earn his keep, he might be less inclined to paint with such a broad brush.

  10. Katherine says:

    A very informative book Called “Eager, the surprising, secret life of Beavers and why they matter. ” by Ben Goldfarb


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