Category: Bicycling

A potential hazard, so watch out

The  installation of new lights on Albany’s riverside Dave Clark Trail has been completed, and I’m looking forward to a nighttime ride in brilliant illumination. But first, I was puzzled by this instruction on two of the newly poured slabs surrounding pedestals for the new lights.

What you can see looking down

There’s local history under your feet, or your wheels in this case. And if you’re on a bike it’s easy to see by just looking down.

Who knows who killed Jakhob?

As roadside memorials go, this one is sadder than most. It reminds us that for more than seven years now, someone has gotten away with taking the life of Jakhob Miles.

Quiz for city folks: What’s this crop?

We residents of the Willamette Valley are surrounded by picturesque countryside, but for most of us who don’t make a living in agriculture it would be a big help if the pictures had captions as well. I for one would appreciate labels or little signs telling me what’s… Continue reading

Take a look at ‘new’ Palestine Church

As you can see, Benton County has been taking good care of the old Palestine Church since it was moved to Adair Village in 2010 from its site on Palestine Road in North Albany, where it had sat for more than 100 years.

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