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Starting a new year of ‘hh-today’

Written January 1st, 2024 by Hasso Hering


I stopped on my New Year’s ride to take in this view in Southern Oregon.

Here I am, ready to make a fresh start at the beginning of the new year 2024.

On New Year’s Day, I took a bike ride in the chilly sunshine of Southern Oregon, outside the town of Jacksonville, in the Medford area. There was a pretty nice view on part of the ride, prompting me to stop and get off the bike for a bit of aimless rambling:

The theme of this website has changed a little since I began more than 13 years ago. In recent years I’ve dealt with matters related mostly to the Albany area. Chances are the local emphasis will continue, though on occasion I do get away, as I did on this Jan. 1.

Every once in a while, readers will remember, I resolve to try to elevate the general tone of the comments some of you leave under the stories. I try to do that by refusing to post insults, name-calling, or statements that accuse others of crimes they did not commit.

The definition of “insult” may vary on whose side you’re on. I try to do the best I can.

If there’s backsliding in the comments, as there has been, it’s because I try hard not to squelch opinions even if they’re, well, nuts. But opinion is one thing. Defamation is something else, and it’s something we must avoid.

In that spirit, opinionated but civil, let us carry on. (hh)

16 responses to “Starting a new year of ‘hh-today’”

  1. Peggy Jones says:

    The paper has never been the same since you left I look forward to you letting us know what is going on

  2. Jennifer Dee says:

    I lived in southern Oregon for about 18 years, Ashland for 8, Medford for 10. Both my kids were born in Ashland, 1993′ and 1997′. We try to go visit Southern Oregon about once a year. My son went to S.O.U. for about 5 years, easy to visit then.

  3. Lindell Johnson says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too. Keep up the good work. I/we enjoy hh-today.

  4. CHEZZ says:

    Happy New Year,Hasso! Thank you for the lovely scenery of Southern Oregon. I love the roll of the hills and the oaks. May your travels take you to new stories for us as you enjoy every minute of what you bring to us!

  5. Hansen, Dennis says:

    It would be nice if you also covered Corvallis. Thanks

  6. thomas earl cordier says:

    thanks HH for continuing on. Happy New Year.

  7. Carol Gascoigne says:

    We so enjoy your informative posts.
    After you left the Democrat Herald we canceled our subscription

  8. chris j says:

    I am sure that you feel that my experiences are “nuts”. But in all fairness it is “nuts” on everyone’s part to make judgments on someone when you have not experienced situations that they have. I have known people that seem to be successful and well mannered then you find out they beat their wife or children. Being polite and appearing upstanding to one person then abusive to someone you feel is deserving of unkindness or vulnerable is very common. We are a culture of all talk and disregard people’s actions.
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The road to heaven is paved with good deeds, not seemingly good deeds. “You can’t handle the truth” is a quote that describes most people. I would rather be labeled “nuts” than hide my head in the sand and condone people “politely” abusing others for their benefit. What is “nuts” is thinking a unnecessary tragic situation in someone’s life is a justifiable positive outcome for someone else’s life. If you want civilized conversations and opinions tell the city to hold up their end of it and “be” civilized, not act like they are or say they are.

  9. Linda Garner says:

    The articles you write or the videos are always interesting to me. I don’t get around as much as I use to so It’s been interesting learning about what is going on around Albany. Happy New Year, Hasso.

  10. steve Anderosn says:

    Getting out on a bike is an awesome way to start off the new year! I got out yesterday afternoon for a ride down Bryant Drive, down riverside, and onto the bike path to Corvallis. The clouds stayed pretty heavy and low but still nice to get out the first day of the year.

    I have a distant relative still living in Central Point and plan to visit the area this summer as well as doing some exploring. It’s been quit some time since I’ve been down there so your quick overview of the area has been good to watch.

    I appreciate very much your efforts to share your experiences with us as there are many who have simular interests.

    All the best for a new year and stay safe out there!

  11. James Engel says:

    You & your views make you the Albany Sage for sure. I have switched to the e-mail edition of the D-H. Way, way too much national “cut-n-past” news articles!! No more news of arrest/police action/accidents. No local neighborhood news. Limited local HS sports news. O well, Betty & I wish you & yours a great 2024 & more “musings”….

  12. Cap B. says:

    Nice picture of Mt. McLoughlin. McLoughlin was called “The Father of Oregon,” and he was instrumental in the founding of Oregon City. Before all that, he was a big wig with the Hudson’s Bay Company (fur traders) out of Canada. (My family in Oregon goes back to 1852.) Oregon City was incorporated in 1844; Oregon became a state in 1859.

  13. Steve Borst says:

    Mr. Hering, like the gone by morning newspaper I used to enjoy, your column is one of the first ones I read with my morning coffee. Thank you very much for all you do. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Steve B

  14. Darlene Salisbury says:

    I enjoy all your articles. Thank you for continuing them into the new year. Happy New Year and keep on keepin’ on!

  15. Lundy says:

    Hasso, thanks as always for all of your work. Bring your bicycle to Lebanon sometime — lots of interesting riding, and news, in my hometown of the last six years. And I invite you to weigh in on the latest war on fluoride. Take care.


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