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On the riverfront, a spiffy new intersection

Written December 23rd, 2023 by Hasso Hering

This stormwater swale is one of the features of the new intersection of Water Avenue and Thursday Street.

Albany City Manager Peter Troedsson told readers of his Friday report to the city council that Water Avenue at Thurston Street was once again open to traffic. On Saturday’s bike ride along the riverfront, I stopped to take a look.

Here’s the result:

The enhancement of the intersection of Water Avenue and Thurston Street, you will remember, is just one a small part of the city’s $21 million Waterfront Project. The main elements are the reconstruction of Monteith Riverpark and turning the western three blocks of Water Avenue into a “plaza street” for public events.

If you need a refresher on the scope of the overall project, check the city’s website here.

By the end of 2024, all that digging and building should be completed. That’s one more reason to look forward to the coming year. (hh)

13 responses to “On the riverfront, a spiffy new intersection”

  1. Jeff B. Senders says:

    note the additional and new stop sign.

  2. Kim Sass says:

    Spiffy— I haven’t used that word in years! Thankful for you and Mrs.H this Christmas Eve. You both help us remember we are an interlocking community. You make a difference.

  3. Randall says:

    Perhaps the city should have Redflex install Red Light Stop Cameras. It would probably make enough money to pay for itself and the new fancy intersection. Government loves your money.

  4. Jayeson Vance says:

    Thanks Hasso and Merry Christmas and thanks for always keeping it interesting.

  5. Emma Eaton says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. hj.anony1 says:

    Ahh a SWALE! I exhale.

    Swales = city employee EMPLOYMENT

    Period. Nothing else.

    Bring on SANTA!!!!

  7. Cap B. says:

    Hasso must have lost my submission, or I did on the computer at my end!! Tee, hee! But, wanted to say that in Hasso’s photo that headlines the story, I see Hasso’s bike, one other bike, a car, and maybe another car in the far distance. That’s one way to preserve roads (especially ones with brick pavers): Build the roads where there is no traffic! But, yes, put up a red-light camera; we don’t want people speeding on those fancy brick pavers!

  8. CHEZZ says:

    I like the swale design and planting, and is functional. Speaking of swale, we all think you are swell! Merry Christmas, Hasso to you and your family. And Merry Christmas, Albany!

  9. Richard Vannice says:

    Speaking of swales – I like the look and concept but those have to be expensive to maintain. It’s a manpower cost at least twice a year from what I have observed, and one or two people doing a lot of hand pulling and grubbing to clear out unwanted plants.
    How much does the city spend on those cleaning costs?

  10. Connie says:

    Swales! The weeds grow quick full scale!

    But is it really necessary to clear them out? The swale at Lafayette school on SE Madison grows quite naturally and has never been weeded out. The swale still does a fine job of pulling excess water from the surrounding turf.

    The swale at the new gas station (Geary and Grand Prairie) has been weeded out once and stuff has grown back already.

  11. Lifelong Resident says:

    21 million dollars for downtown beautification… How many millions have been spent already? This has been going on for so many years now. First new light posts and water lines all through that area, a carousel, fancy condominiums and town houses on Water street. Tearing up Monteith Park. Now this. Yes the swale is swell. But when will our city government get over themselves and this dowtown beautification kick that really only serves themselves, and fix the roads between Main St and Lyon, the Cool Pool and Second Street. You know the ones I’m talking about. Enough is enough! Fix those roads!

  12. BILL KNAUSS says:



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