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A perspective from Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley

How this dumb law works: Check it out

Written January 21st, 2020 by Hasso Hering

Just how stupid is Oregon’s new law on checkout bags? You get the idea when you want to take home a little meal from a sandwich shop, the North Albany Subway in this case.

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Albany bike routes and a bronze rating

Written January 20th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

A newcomer to Albany asked me about the best bike route from the Monteith District to Heritage Mall. I gave him my opinion, and the question reminded me of a couple of other things regarding riding bikes in Albany.

In Albany project, a Swedish connection

Written January 19th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

On a bike ride past the east end of Front Avenue on Sunday afternoon, these three machines caught my eye. Back home later on, I took a virtual detour to southern Sweden to catch a glimpse of where the things were made, and how.

Our riverside parks: A little more water

Written January 17th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

This is a blog largely about what I happen to see around Albany, and this week it was hard to miss that a bit of flooding had returned to Bryant Park, and Bowman too.

St. Francis project takes a step forward

Written January 15th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

It will take a few years and millions of dollars, but if things happen as intended, the former St. Francis Hotel and adjacent Rhodes Building in Albany will become a downtown showplace once again.

Tempest tears through the west side

Written January 15th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

Strong winds and rain whipped through the Willamette Valley this afternoon. And one gust caused this damage near the west end of Seventh Avenue in Albany, across from Riverside cemetery.

Work off Salem Avenue: Checking it out

Written January 15th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

Before a snow shower hit on Tuesday afternoon, workers were busy in brilliant winter sunshine on an Albany sewer project just off Waverly Lake and Salem Avenue.

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