Look at what’s not there

What you don't see here is the discarded Christmas tree that had been waiting on the verge for the past two trash days. It's gone because Republic Services picked it up today, the regular trash pickup day in our neighborhood. Continue reading

Bottle Bill: More empties to return

At 2:43 p.m. on Jan. 9, the Albany Bottle Drop looks like it has as much business as it can handle.

Oregon has expanded its "Bottle Bill" deposit law to include more containers, and I've been wondering whether the system to redeem the empties can handle the additional load. Continue reading

It’s open: Inside Waverly Place

Your humble correspondent checks out one of the apartments at Waverly Place on Tuesday.

Waverly Place, the latest addition to Albany's string of accommodations for the aged, was under construction for most of 2016 and '17.  It's on one of my bike routes, and now that the place is finally finished, I stopped by on Tuesday to see the inside. Continue reading

Bus shelter: Sidewalk too thin?

In Monday's afternoon drizzle, Albany Transit passengers wait for the bus on Washington Street in front of the post office.

This downtown bus stop of the Albany Transit System is only temporary, but passengers who wait there probably wouldn't mind the benches and roof the old one had. Continue reading

Sunrise upgrade: Pretty soon now

Maybe this view, taken Jan. 6, explains why the Sunrise playground was part of a recognized "wetland."

If you're wondering what happened to the long-gestating plans to renovate Albany's Sunrise Park, wonder no more. The city parks department hopes to call for bids on the project by the first week of February. Continue reading

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