The water rose, but not too high

Thursday afternoon at Bowman Park: The river would rise about 2.5 feet by Saturday.

Stopping by Bowman Park on the Willamette River on Thursday and again Friday, I was reminded once again of one of the chief benefits of the upstream dams. Continue reading

CARA loan raises shelter’s costs

George Matland outside the warehouse Signs of Victory is turning into a shelter for people in need.

The Signs of Victory mission has received final approval of a five-year, $100,000 loan at 2.9 annual percent interest to help build a new Albany homeless shelter, but because of a state rule on wages the city contract is also driving up the project's cost. Continue reading

Waverly Duck: Repairs are ‘doable’

The Waverly Duck has been in open-air storage on a former car lot on First Avenue.

In the perhaps-less-than-earthshaking-news department, it looks as though Albany's Waverly Duck could be back in its pond by May or June. Continue reading

High school cell towers get city OK

The nearest light pole in this shot at South Albany High will be replaced with a taller one carrying the stadium lights plus an antenna.

Verizon Wireless customers in the neighborhoods around South and West Albany high schools can look forward to improved cell phone service now that the city planning staff has approved plans for new towers. Continue reading

Another time change looms: Nuts!

North Albany on Monday morning, less than a week before the official start of "summer time."

The insanity of our semiannual time changes has long been established. No additional proof is needed, but we'll get it anyway on Sunday. Continue reading

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