NA rezoning: Innovation? Forget it

The street "may" be extended, or maybe not, depending on the outcome of a zoning struggle.

It would be convenient to live in apartments with commercial services readily available on the ground floor, but Albany zoning apparently doesn't allow it. That's why developer Jim Winkler asked to rezone nearly 13 vacant acres in North Albany, but almost all the neighbors are against it, and the city council Wednesday failed to approve his request. Continue reading

Our cool — and clean — rivers

If you can sit in the river, it's probably not necessary to wear a flotation vest.

It's hard to beat the shallow waters of a little river when the temperature climbs into the 90s, as it did again Tuesday. In that department, we're pretty well positioned in the mid-valley. Continue reading

Giving real Vandals a bad name

This was on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday afternoon, the portable restrooms were upright again.

On a bike ride Monday, I came across this scene at the entrance to Albany's Simpson Park and Talking Water Gardens, and it leads to this conclusion: People who overturn portable toilets or commit other acts of vandalism are telling the world that, unlike the historical Vandals, they are really, really dumb. Continue reading

Albany Transit: Can less be more?

A lonely Albany Transit System bus stop on North Albany Road after hours on Monday evening.

If you ride the buses of Albany's small Transit System, you may face even longer waits and have to walk farther to your job if changes now being discussed take effect. Continue reading

Saving space on Interstate 5

A Union Pacific "Stacktrain" passes the Santiam Road crossing in Albany on July 25.

Here's another reason to welcome double-stacking of containers on Union Pacific's mainline through Albany: Think of the additional congestion prevented on Interstate 5 that the trains represent. Continue reading

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