High above river, a nest fight looms

It's hard to see the squatter, until you take a closer look (below).

Mr. and Mrs. Osprey are not going to happy if they now return to their nest atop the steel railroad bridge across the Willamette River at Albany. Somebody else has taken up residence in their customary abode. Continue reading

Idle thoughts: We’re lacking lakes

The view across Bryant Park last Friday.

There's no news here, just an observation: Wouldn't it be nice if the seasonal wintertime flooding of Albany's Bryant Park was a permanent thing and people could enjoy something called Bryant Lake all year long? Continue reading

Post office parking: The sequel

Work continued Friday on a big sidewalk extension on Second Avenue at Washington Street..

On a super-local subject, there's been a lot of talk about parking at the Albany Post Office lately, most recently at the city council meeting Wednesday. But on Friday there was no parking at all as construction blocked both the lot and adjoining streets, making mailing a letter more of a challenge than usual. Continue reading

Tax writers aim at coffee, old cars

Our state Capitol, where new tax ideas are being hatched.

There are lots of things that could conceivably be taxed. But old cars? Clunkers driven by people who probably can't afford to get anything new? Continue reading

Albany stops predatory towers

The city council studied the proposed towing law at a work session Monday (seen here) and adopted it Wednesday night.

Those nighttime raids by out-of-town towing operators looking to grab up cars improperly parked on private Albany lots should now be at an end. The city council Wednesday passed a ban on predatory towing from private property, and the law takes immediate effect. Continue reading

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