Old church move up in the air

The fate of the former Cumberland Presbyterian Church came up at a city council work session Monday. The outcome was inconclusive.

Three members of the Albany City Council say they don't want tax money spent on moving the former Cumberland Presbyterian Church and restoring it as a community center. That leaves the fate of this project up in the air or, more to the point, up to potential donors. Continue reading

Millersburg: Change fire service?

Right about here, on Old Salem Road, is where Albany ends and Millersburg begins.

Millersburg is considering making a change in its arrangement for fire protection, and Albany, being its bigger neighbor, has a more than passing interest in the change. Continue reading

Directions: The fix that wasn’t

If you look up on this cemetery map, you are looking west, not north as the compass rose claims.

Compass directions are a continuing challenge to the makers of this interesting sign, which tells visitors what's what in the historic Masonic Cemetery off Albany's Broadway Street. Continue reading

Our river trails: Worth checking out

The Simpson Park trail starts here, at the second of two gates off the parking lot at the northern end of Waverly Drive.

September is a great time to venture out on Albany's two riverside trails, one on each side of the Willamette. I was reminded of this when I rode my bike along the Simpson Park trail last week. Continue reading

At OSU, names hinder success?

The current issue of OSU's alumni magazine, in which President Ed Ray explains why he is considering renaming four buildings on the Corvallis campus.

As you may have heard, Oregon State University is trying to decide whether to change the names of four campus buildings because of the opinions or actions of their long-dead namesakes. The reason for change, we now hear, is that the names may keep minority students from doing well. Continue reading

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