NA store: There’s visible progress

Another sign that things are progressing: A new side door has been installed.

Like Rome, which wasn't built in a day, the new North Albany grocery store is taking a while to come into being. But visible progress is being made. Continue reading

NA apartment plan clears hurdle

The barricade at Hickory and Adam streets marks what will be the western entry to the Hickory Hollow apartments in North Albany.

The neighbors may not like it, but the Albany Planning Commission on Monday approved the site plan for Hickory Hollow, a 48-unit apartment complex behind five single-family houses facing Hickory Street. Continue reading

Downtown library open Saturdays

One of the many virtues of the downtown library: It's easy to get to on a bike.

I missed the announcement if there was one, so it was a pleasant surprise on Saturday to find the Carnegie Library in downtown Albany open. Continue reading

A tree comes down in Albany

Tooling around downtown Albany on a bike can sometimes take you to an interesting sight, such as the regrettable end of a big old tree. Continue reading

Hwy. 20 landmark gets an upgrade

Cecil Powell, left, and Ellis Stutzman with the fabled Honey sign, which is being replaced.

I had to turn off Highway 20 on Honey Sign Drive, and on Saturday morning I nearly missed my turn because the sign was gone. Well, not entirely gone, just off the frame that has held it up for two or three generations. Continue reading

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