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Take a look at Albany’s new fitness court

Written September 29th, 2022 by Hasso Hering

The fitness court at Burkhart Park on Thursday afternoon.

So this is what the new fitness court in Albany looks like. I’ve written about it several times, and on Thursday I took a look at the completed thing.

The installers for the company, National Fitness Campaign of San Francisco, told me Monday they would be finished by Wednesday night. And sure enough, on Thursday the finished court was sitting there, still spotless and pristine.

It’s in Burkhart Park, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Burkhart Street.

As reported here before, the city council authorized the purchase of the equipment in June, for $125,000. This month a Junction City contractor installed the concrete base for the court, for $24,000.

On social media the Albany Parks and Recreation Department announced it would have an opening of the new facility from 2 to 4 p.m. on Oct. 13.

I had wondered whether people could use the equipment before then. The answer is: Apparently not, because:

There’s a temporary fence around the court. At least there was on Thursday afternoon. (hh)





23 responses to “Take a look at Albany’s new fitness court”

  1. Bill Kapaun says:

    Wonderful timing now that the rainy season is starting. You’ll need to take a picture next Spring after all the dead leaves/trash has had time to ferment.

    How long before the taggers hit it?

  2. MarK says:

    Save that picture. It won’t look like that very long.

  3. M. Richner says:

    When civic “leaders” have a budget, they will use it, and right away request a bigger budget. This project is an especially ridiculous example of “your tax dollars at work.”

  4. Matthew Calhoun says:

    Hasso, it’s really too bad that your site attracts the most miserable parts of the Albany community.

  5. ALB-TLH 1 says:

    When city “leaders” did a park survey, I had suggested a Calisthenics Park. I even directed them to YT and a search for a guy named Semi. The parks in the BIG cities have plain “monkey bar” type of equipment that were in playgrounds nationwide in American parks and schools. They were pretty much inexpensive, indestructible, and graffiti proof. Leave it to Albany “leaders” to create a tagger’s blank canvas. One has to wonder how long its pristine look will last? Well, it is something and a place I will use before its destruction. BTW…who (qualified/certified person) will be conducting safety inspections and at what intervals?

  6. Curious Citizen says:

    Thanks Hasso, for the update. Our family appreciates your informative website/blog and we always look forward to your next post.

  7. Rachel La Brasseur says:

    It would be funny if they put back the fitness stops at Monteith. I’d totally support it though!

  8. Bob Woods says:

    “If they build it people will come.”
    That’s the hope.

  9. F says:

    What does this picture look like a computer simulation?

  10. Jeff says:

    It would be worth taking that same photo once a week for a while….

  11. DSimpson says:

    Does it come with instructions?

  12. Kim Sass says:

    The fitness stops at Monteith were paid for by the renewed Albany General Hospital Foundation (1982) and promoted annually to the community in coordination with Albany-Lebanon Sanitation’s annual “Recycle Runs”. Unfortunately, few people took advantage of the stops, they did become targets for vandals, and the city removed them because the upkeep was never ending. And the runs were also discontinued as our community adapted to recycling. Happily, the most major project to date for the foundation — the Evergreen Hospice House — will always have customers.

  13. Johnson says:

    Did Walmart sponsor the fitness court? Perhaps if they’d chosen a tennis court green color scheme, graffiti and degradation wouldn’t come to mind. And yet Hasso, somehow the blue/grey court is less conflicting on the mind than the Jon Raymond banner at the top of your page I can make more sense of the fitness contraptions than I can of his campaign to be sheriff.

  14. LD says:

    Come on people!! Quit already with slamming each other, how negative you are. Joke or no joke. Maybe it’s not in the most ideal place but is there any place that really is???
    Hasso, your doing what your supposed too. Unfortunately, the saying we can’t make everyone happy. Holds so true. And stop with your political comments. Your going to have everyone like you. I have NEVER responded to anything or made comments. And I probably never will again.

  15. Lundy says:

    Hasso: No. 1, I appreciate your reporting and storytelling; please keep up the good work. No. 2, I hope the fitness court turns out to be a terrific amenity for the neighborhood; on a recent trip to visit my son in Idaho, I saw an inner-city Boise park with a similar feature and thought it was really cool.


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