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Behold the new attraction in Waverly Lake

Written March 13th, 2024 by Hasso Hering

The new fountain in Waverly Lake, as seen from Salem Avenue Wednesday.

Ah, there it is, the sparking new fountain in Albany’s Waverly Lake!

I came across this sight during a bike ride Wednesday. I don’t know whether the fountain is meant to be turned on all the time, or whether this was just a test of how well the installation had gone.

As you will remember, the city parks department contracted with a company named Aquatic Harvesting last year to remove thick layers of algae from Waverly Lake and then to install aerators and a fountain in an effort to keep the growth from recurring in future summers.

A team from the company spent several days last August to skim the growth from the water. The installation of the equipment had to wait, and the company came back last week to finish the job.

Looking across the lake Wednesday, I couldn’t see any sign of aerators, which obviously are under the surface and out of sight. (See the postscript at the bottom.)

But there was no missing the fountain’s spray in the faint sunshine of March. (hh)

The fountain is roughly in the middle of the lake.

When I posted this story on March 13, I didn’t know the fountain can be lighted in different colors at night. Turns out that it can. Rick Barnett of the parks department says the fountain will be left on permanently. Around St. Patrick’s Day, don’t be surprised if it turns green. Barnett said the aerators installed in the lake are working as well. (hh)

20 responses to “Behold the new attraction in Waverly Lake”

  1. MarK says:

    I wish whoever is responsible for the Thornton lakes would do the same thing.

  2. VickyLynn Sullivan says:

    The fountain was lit up a pretty blue tonight when I drove by.

  3. Julie Corbett says:

    Don’t know if it’s going to generate enough water movement to keep the whole lake clean. Time will tell.

  4. Bill Kapaun says:

    A functioning aerator should be obvious. They make bubbles.

  5. Sheila says:

    What about the Duck?

  6. Snailracer says:

    Finally! Now we can rest easy knowing that all the Brown Trout will be scared away. Thank you, City Councilors! That solution’s nothing less than brilliant.

  7. William says:

    Now about the potholes

  8. Delfina H Hoxie says:

    No ducks, though!

  9. david pulver says:

    no reply on the duck. that concerns me. is it one of those situations we should forget all about the duck? because we have a new fountain? ive heard of that trick in the past.

  10. david pulver says:

    i can hear it now…. the duck cant return due to the fountain.

  11. chris j says:

    The city throws out a few shiny baubles to distract us from noticing what they take away from us or don’t do that needs to be done. Unfortunately people who have everything they need or live in the well taken care of areas think the city is doing their job. The rest of us are not impressed by their bit of fluff when we get flat tires on the city’s abundant collection of magnificent potholes.

  12. CHEZZ says:

    The Waverly Duck came to Waverly Lake, because the park is the opening chapter to experience Albany for all those traveling into town off of I-5. It is a welcoming park with beautiful flora and fauna, as well as providing recreational opportunities: picnics, fishing, paddleboats, walks, and now the lovely fountain. I am sure our Duck will return, which was refurbished not too long ago. It was always painted as a wood duck., and has been lovingly placed in storage in the winter months. I hope someone creates tshirts featuring our Duck in the future. Parks and Rec did print some long ago, and they were a big hit! From a former Park and Rec. duckling!

  13. david pulver says:

    the duck. the kids like climbing on it. lets put it on the carousel.

  14. Bill Kapaun says:

    I actually question the amount of OXYGEN added to the water from the aerators vs the “fountain”. Oxygen exchange takes place predominately at the air/water (surface) interface from the moving water. The amount of Oxygen added by a small bubble that lasts but s couple-few seconds is quite small. It’s the surface movement of the water which could be accomplished by a couple large impact sprinklers and a pump.


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