Grant sought to replace this bridge

The bridge to Simpson Park, the Millersburg rail yard and Talking Water Gardens has been restricted to one lane for years.

If the state transportation department approves the application for a grant, something will finally be done about the Waverly Drive bridge across Cox Creek. Continue reading

Streetscape: See the new trees

Looking east on Second Avenue on Monday: Newly planted trees and lights on surprisingly tall poles.

After a few days away in Southern Oregon, I went downtown Monday and found newly planted trees and street lights that hadn't been there before. Continue reading

More space for assisted living

The front entrance of Waverly Assisted Living on Oct. 27.

Looks like Albany's latest accommodation for the aged is getting ready to open.  Waverly Assisted Living and Memory Care, at 2853 Salem Ave. S.E., is on one of my bike routes, and I've watched its construction for about a year and a half. Continue reading

Bike paths in another 40 years?

The Periwinkle Bike Path's entrance on Albany's Queen Avenue on Oct. 14. The path was built in 1977.

It's been 40 years since Albany, with the help of the state highway department, built the Periwinkle Bike Path. Now a class of university students has recommended another "increase in bicycle infrastructure," but I wonder if anything will come of that. Continue reading

What time change? Just say no

Let's enjoy daylight like this while we can and not worry about the time change, dumb though it may be.

Rather than fulminate against the coming switch back to standard time, how about this for a change: Let's try to ignore it. Continue reading

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