It’s back! Postal convenience!

This is not the kind of breaking news that in the old days might have stopped the press, but from the standpoint of convenience it's a big deal: The drive-up drop box outside the Albany Post Office on First Avenue has been restored. Continue reading

$25 million for Millersburg project

The gate to the site of the former Albany Paper Mill. The photo was taken on Jan. 31, 2017.

Andy Olson has followed through on his idea of trying to make use of the Millersburg site where the International Paper company demolished the Albany Paper Mill. The transportation bill he helped write includes an allocation of $25 million for a "Mid-Willamette Valley Transmodal Facility." Continue reading

New hearing date in zoning fight

This is part of the 12.7 acres at issue in the zoning appeal north of Pleasant View Way in North Albany.

If you thought that a North Albany rezoning request would fade away in the face of strong neighborhood opposition, forget it. At least it hasn't yet. Continue reading

Albany sign due for an upgrade

In the shade beside Highway 20, the old sign tries to welcome drivers to Albany.

On a rainy day around maybe 20 years ago, a group of city officials, reporters and others gathered in the brush beside Highway 20 in North Albany to dedicate a brand-new "Welcome to Albany" sign. Now it might be time to again refresh the old wooden sign or even replace it with one that can actually be seen. Continue reading

Doubts that gun grab will work

The ERPO bill adds yet another wrinkle to the Oregon laws related to guns.

It will be interesting to see how Senate Bill 719 -- taking guns from dangerous or suicidal people -- works out once it becomes law. The bill cleared the House Rules Committee in Salem Monday, as expected, and House Democrats will pass it before the legislature adjourns. Continue reading

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