Riverside bike link getting closer

Riverside Drive, looking south, on Wednesday morning.

This may be the year that Linn County follows through on its plan to widen the shoulders of Riverside Drive, making it a better route for bicyclists connecting with the new path alongside Highway 34 on the way to Corvallis. Continue reading

Commission denies NA zone change

Chairman Larry Tomlin makes a point during the Albany Planning Commission's meeting Monday.

It took only a few minutes Monday for the Albany Planning Commission to turn down a North Albany rezoning request that had drawn opposition from scores of nearby residents and property owners. Continue reading

Council offers city manager’s job

Jennifer Moody of the Democrat-Herald interviews Peter Troedsson after a public question period at City Hall Monday.

The Albany City Council has offered the job of city manager to Peter Troedsson, a retired Coast Guard captain and currently the deputy city manager of Bothell, Wash. Continue reading

Climate: Same old and barnacles

As I was saying above, I make so bold as to note that once again, looking for a sign of climate change at the Oregon coast, I can't find any. That's not to say there aren't any. But in terms of sea level, if there's been a change over the last 20 years or so, it's too subtle to be felt or seen. Continue reading

M’burg: New plant, more houses

Don't think that a big new truck stop is the only thing going on in Millersburg. I found out otherwise when I wondered this week whether the city on Albany's north side had yet issued a building permit for Love's Travel Center and Country Store, which got the go-ahead last month. Continue reading

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