Why camera tickets soared in ’17

The camera gear aimed at Queen Avenue, photographed in February 2017.

Something else has come up concerning Albany's lone array of red-light traffic cameras, but  before we get into that, let's remember the obvious: We don't have to worry about getting a camera ticket if we stop when the light turns yellow or red. Continue reading

Analyze this: Boost for business

These attractive Albany storefronts at Third and Broadalbin have been vacant for a while.

If this works, Albany may have fewer empty buildings and vacant storefronts in a couple of years. By "this," I mean an agreement between the city council and Buxton, a firm that uses advanced analytic techniques to help cities attract business. Continue reading

A ‘pub talk’ about smart meters

Pacific Power CEO Stefan Bird chats with people attending the "pub talk" at the Independence Grill Tuesday.

Pacific Power picked Independence to launch its Oregon conversion to "smart meters" because the town in Polk County is striving to be a tech-savvy place. I went there Tuesday night to take in an event the power company put on, and I learned a couple of things. Continue reading

Queen & Geary: The numbers

If you want to waste four minutes of your life, check the video of this intersection, the only one in Albany where cameras watch for drivers running the yellow or red lights. You'll see no violations during this short span, but during all of last year the cameras sprang to life more than 6,000 times. Continue reading

Old house demolition: Not yet

New porches and steps grace the old "Vunk House" on Salem Avenue.

This house on Albany's Salem Avenue, more than a century old, was destined to be gone by now, but its demolition has obviously been postponed. Instead of being razed, it's getting its porches repaired. Continue reading

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