No, the track’s not clear yet

So I'm sitting in a queue at the Queen Avenue crossing, one car back. Just when the switch engine looks like it's about to clear the road so we can go, a Union Pacific freight barrels through on the track we can't see, on its way south.

Lots of Army gear, it looks like. And some of the Humvees and other vehicles look like they're coning home from the wars. It's hard to tell exactly from afar, on a moving train, but some seem to have seen better days.

It gave my video camera something to look at, poking up through the open sunroof. On the darker side, that very situation also demonstrates the fatal folly of ducking around a still-lowered gate once the switch engine has seemingly cleared the crossing. A few months ago, a young man on a bike did so at this crossing and paid with his life. (hh)


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