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What’s in it for citizens?

Written June 28th, 2013 by
dome-night2The United States Senate has passed its 1,000-page billl offering illegal immigrants a chance to become legal residents. Voters and citizens may have questions about exactly what those 1,000 pages contain. You would not think it takes that many words to accomplish a few simple steps. More to the point, citizens may wonder what’s in it for them. The news accounts have given a few hints. One thing is more red tape for everyone. Employers would be required to check on a potential employee’s legal status, apparently by using the E-Verify system maintained by the government. Citizens would have to request federal clearance or permission to be hired, which sounds like a big expansion of federal control over everybody’s life.

The news accounts also highlighted the bill’s provisions to secure the Mexican border, including the hiring of another 20,000 border agents. The cost of all the measures has been reported as around $30 billion over 10 years.

The bill calls for importing more highly skilled technical workers as well as farm workers. Sounds like more competition for work in this country.

In short, more red tape, much greater public expense and less chance of landing a job in certain fields. It’s a good thing the House does not plan to take up this bill. (hh)

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