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Update on Waverly Lake, and more …

Written September 6th, 2022 by Hasso Hering

The Waverly Duck floats in a sea of muck on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2022.

Well, I stopped at Waverly Lake on Tuesday evening, wondering if there had been any change in the infestation of algae or some kind of water weed.

Yes, there’s been a change:

As I mentioned, members of the parks department summer crew spent a day recently trying to collect some of the plants making the little lake look less than attractive.

Chances are they won’t try again, at least this year, considering how little good it did. But the city parks commission, if not the city council, may want to consider what might be done to prevent the lake from getting this overgrown next year.

In the video I mentioned the industrial construction project on Salem Avenue across from Waverly Lake.

A company named CorrQuest is building a 30,000-square-foot manufacturing plant there, plus another 5,000 square feet that will be available to lease to other companies. CorrQuest makes automated control equipment for plants making corrugated cardboard.

The CorrQuest project was one of two enterprises to which the Albany City Council last month gave $250,000 each. The money comes from the city’s economic development fund in the sewer and water departments.

The other project was a development Albany businessman Chris Hanson is building on Ferry Street. It’s called the Takena High-Tech Manufacturing Hub and will have separate spaces for up to 10 start-ups in the manufacturing field.

The awarding of these grants obviously has nothing to do with algae in Waverly Lake. But I thought I would bring it up since I was standing across the street from the CorrQuest site, trying to make myself understood over the traffic noise. (hh)

13 responses to “Update on Waverly Lake, and more …”

  1. Bill Maddy says:

    Hasso, not sure what the City Council can do to correct the problem. Only Mother Nature and the weather will make a difference. My lake has a similar problem, the worst I have seen in 69 years. Hoping for rain and cooler weather to solve the issue.

  2. Jane Marie Greene says:

    Did the Parks staff mention the species name of the weed growing in the Lake??

  3. Martha Simmons says:

    Always informative, thank you!

  4. Robert D Stalick says:

    Hasso, our little community on Horseshoe Lake in North Albany has been dealing with an infestation that could be related to the one on Waverly Lake (and Thornton Lake, too). It is called Azolla, and it is a plant that grows rapidly and is not rooted, so it floats with the water’s movement. It can be treated, as we have done for a number of years, but since it is borne by migrating waterfowl, it may be difficult to eradicate. The city might be interested in doing some research on this plant to see if that is what is infecting Waverly Lake.

    • Al Nyman says:

      I think the plant is like a little pea with roots floating on the lake as we have that plant on our lake. I suggest you close the outlet and fill it to the highest level and then let it rip as it is floating on the surface. It might take a couple of tries but it will float down stream.

  5. Jeff B. Senders says:

    These “Projects” create accounts receivable to the City coffers through systems development and other fees.

    The algae in the lake does not.

    Case closed.

  6. Bill Kapaun says:

    “The CorrQuest project was one of two enterprises to which the Albany City Council last month gave $250,000 each. The money comes from the city’s economic development fund in the sewer and water departments.”
    So, about $5 ea. per citizen.

    How many different “economic development funds” does this city have? One for every department? Speak up Ray K!

  7. MarK says:

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT recommending hiring this company. I’m just providing the link below to show that there ARE companies out there that specialize in solutions to the problem we have with algae and overgrown vegetation in our lakes. Within the site you can view the gallery of projects this company has solved.


  8. Ralph Menweg says:

    There are water treatments that can be applied to the water in Waverly Lake that are environmentally ok for everyone. There doesn’t need to be a BIG study on this. Just hire a company that specializes in this and SPEND THE MONEY ! The lake is a disgrace to the community and an eyesore to everyone passing by. If the city can hand out $250k “grants” to companies for economic development, then they can spend money for the people who fill their coffers. US !!! Now just get it done before these conversations with the public take a nasty turn…

  9. centrist says:

    A gaggle wants to spend unbudgeted money to rid the Lake of an act of nature that’s likely accelerated by nutrient-rich runoff.
    Yup, the stuff is different and may offend some folks sensibility.
    No, there’s no harm identified.
    Get used to unplanned change. The ride’s just taking off.


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