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Tuition and DLs, but no guns

Written April 4th, 2013 by
SB 833 would allow undocumented Oregon residents to seek licenses at offices like this.

SB 833 would allow undocumented Oregon residents to seek licenses at offices like this.

Oregon legislators are doing the right thing by allowing residents of Oregon to get a four-year driver’s license even if they can’t prove they have the right to be in the country. This would be allowed by Senate Bill 833, which has just been introduced by Democrats and Republicans, two of each in the Senate and the House.

The bill attempts to normalize life especially for children of illegal aliens who have grown up in Oregon, but it applies to any undocumented persons who can prove their identities and residency in Oregon for at least a year. Without this, it would make no sense for the legislature to have passed the in-state tuition bill for undocumented graduates of Oregon high schools. The tuition bill has been signed, which is a good thing.Under a federal change of policy, the people affected by the tuition bill no longer face the threat of deportation, also a sensible policy. Now if they qualify and can afford it, they can enroll at a state university and legally drive to and from classes. These are steps on the road to normalization of the status of illegal immigrants. The rest is up to Congress.

It’s worth noting that the licenses authorized by Senate Bill 833 would not qualify as ID’s needed to buy a gun or get a permit to carry one concealed. The bill should pass. (hh)

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