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Time for a fascinating book

Written December 4th, 2014 by Hasso Hering

With riots and race-baiting going on around the country, the news is more depressing than usual, so how about settling down with book?

This is reading season, after all. Outside it’s cold and wet, and this time of day it’s also dark — perfect for sitting down with a book interesting enough to keep you from falling asleep. And as it happens, as the video demonstrates, I have one such book at hand.

This is one I received as a gift. But I also get lots of the books from both branches of the Albany Public Library. Those buildings — downtown and on 14th Avenue S.E. — are great windows on the world, made all the more useful by the helpful staff. Check them out if the weather threatens to keep you indoors for a while in the next few weeks. (hh)

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