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So, what about that rising ocean level?

Written May 2nd, 2021 by Hasso Hering

Now and then, we have to get away from our Albany and mid-valley travails — city and trash service fees, Covid lockdowns, and the price of gas going up every day — and check on something that is more remote. The alleged rise, for instance, in the level of our ocean that we hear so much about.

So that’s what I did on Sunday. Here, take a look:

Now, back to the regular menu for the rest of the week. (hh)

19 responses to “So, what about that rising ocean level?”

  1. Gordon L. Shadle says:

    Leading scientists and journalists have teamed up to get the story straight.

    They say 11 Caucasians and 1 Hispanic in Yachats are at risk due to rising global sea levels caused by warming oceans, melting glaciers and ice sheets.

    You should hunt these folks down and tell their horror stories about the impact of surging seas in Yachats.


  2. Don says:

    Compare the base of Statue of Liberty in the 20’s with today!

  3. Katherine says:

    Like a grain of beach sand your knowledge of climate and the ocean is miniscule. May I suggest some reading material? The OSU School of Oceanography would be great start.

  4. Scott Bruslind says:

    A triumph of American scientific effort can be found on NOAA’s site:
    These data are used to model/predict tsunami behavior, but since the elevation measurements go back to 1927, can be used to illustrate sea level change.
    It’s not easy to access the data, so the general public misses out on our public investment, and the opportunity to make informed choices for the future.

  5. Jaques JJ Jake Johnny John Hartman says:

    The Author’s technical/scientific analysis is a tour de farce which is precisely why so many seem to accept his misguided premise as truth. Kinda like Qanon! This is why the Hawaiian legislature recently passed State Senate Concurrent Resolution 44, “declaring a climate emergency and requesting statewide collaboration toward an immediate just transition and emergency mobilization effort to restore a safe climate.”

    The Hawaiʻi Climate and Environmental Coalition is making the announcement. With the passage of SCR44, Hawaiʻi becomes the first state to declare a climate emergency.

    Like Oregon, Hawaii faces rising sea level issues. And more than one Oregon coast homeowner has had to spend tens-of-thousands to buttress their ocean frontage in an attempt to hold back the ravages of the rising seas and swelling tides.

    The author’s infantile analysis fails at all levels. Unfortunately, too many who view this distorted misinformation will conclude it to be true. The video is misguided, fake reporting with the aim of misleading the public. It is unclear what the author hopes to gain by this deception. Why the author continues to deny reality is no surprise. His lengthy career at the helm of the area’s only News outlet, driven by commercial interests, (not the public interest) has been the locus of his career.

    • thomas earl cordier says:

      From my observations the legislative activities of Hawaii amount to zero effect on anything and their loony Senator with them

  6. Gordon L. Shadle says:

    What an exciting future for Oregon.

    Imagine off the coast of Yachats a bunch of off shore wind turbines each producing 14 MWs standing over 800 feet above the water with blades about 370 feet long. What a sight.

    Ignore the thousands of tons of copper, millions of tons of ore and over burden, hundreds of miles of subsea cables, and the child labor to make it happen in third world countries.

    And, like John Kerry, cheer all of the unemployed U.S. workers in oil, coal, hydro, and nuclear who will find “good jobs” making turbines and solar panels in foreign countries.

    Finally, cheer the American landfill jobs at Coffin Butte that will be needed to bury the green garbage.

    It’s a convenient truth. For those who cash in on this vision a gated ocean view villa in California awaits.

  7. H. R. Richner says:

    Beach property prices agree with you, Hasso.

  8. Lundy says:

    Hasso, I love your blog and appreciate your videography, but seriously? “About the same” and “as near as I can tell” aren’t exactly scientific observations. Please let us know if you hear from anyone at Cal State Northridge about giving that sort of commentary while wearing a CSUN hat.

  9. Al Nyman says:

    The facts remain that Al Gores book was totally wrong and most of his predictions have not even been close to actual facts! The fact that Gore and Obama both bought beach property might be closer to what they really believe. When they can predict the weather better than the Farmers Almanac I might begin to believe them as anybody who goes on a picnic in Oregon based on a weather forecast is taken a great leap of faith.

  10. centrist says:

    Ahhh, Yachats.
    Home to the psychic vortex that prevents perception of change.

    • George Pugh says:

      So, what is the change of ocean heighth (depth ?) at Yachats since, say, 1961 and how can you tell ?

      • Hasso Hering says:

        Don’t know about 1961. Since the 1980s, no change I can see on the rocks of the beach I often visit.

        • Gordon L. Shadle says:

          According to “experts” 11 white folks and 1 brown person would disagree. Or…would they? Find out who they are and interview them for the real story.

  11. HowlingCicada says:

    Speaking of psychic vortex …

    At $2.23 trillion* market capitalization, 12-year-old crypto-funny-money may be comparable to all the ocean-front property that will be underwater (literally and figuratively) in a couple decades, starting with South Florida, some Pacific and Indian Ocean islands, and those 12 people in Yachats.

    All we need is a better scheme to make still more money out of thin air, devoted to buying-out the hundreds of millions that will be under water in 2100. Then we can continue forever to “Drill, baby, drill!”

    Did I actually write this?

    * 2021-05-04: 45.6% Bitcoin, 17.4% Ethereum, remainder among thousands of others, God knows how much next week. Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/

  12. David Cross says:

    According to NOAA tide tables Sunday May 2nd experienced a 0.46 minus tide at 12:16 pm at Yachats.


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