A perspective from Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley

Looking around on Corona Day Four

Written March 26th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

My bike waits at the Salem Avenue crossing Thursday as the Union Pacific roars past.

On Day Four of Oregon’s corona shutdown, which began with the governor’s order Monday, operations of the Union Pacific didn’t seem to be affected, as you would expect. But just about every other activity in Albany other than construction was closed or slowed down.

At mid-afternoon, First Avenue downtown looked deserted, but it wasn’t because …


These stores were open. (Good thing, because I needed something for the bike.)


While east of I-5, the builders kept working on this apartment complex opposite Timber Ridge and Meadow Ridge schools.

And as for me, just as I got to the Union Pacific main line on Salem Avenue, the crossing gates came down for what looked like some kind of railbed construction train hammering through. It was a pretty long train, but at the speed it was going it took only about a minute to clear the crossing, as you can see below.

Also, as you have discovered, don’t expect hard or breaking news about the coronavirus outbreak here. For that, and for updates on local assistance — including the Linn County sheriff delivering prescription medicines to qualifying elderly patients — keep track of the websites of the city of Albany, Linn and Benton counties, the Oregon Health Authority, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They always have the latest information that’s important and useful to know. (hh)


10 responses to “Looking around on Corona Day Four”

  1. Gordon L. Shadle says:

    According to the Gov biking is only allowed in your neighborhood.

    Judging by your photos, you appear to be far from your neighborhood.

    Have you been stopped and “educated” by local police?


    • centrist says:

      Exercise is tolerated

    • hj.anony1 says:

      Laugh Out Loud!

    • Ray Kopczynski says:

      Hasso has a very large neighborhood…

    • HowlingCicada says:

      1 – Journalism is an essential activity, despite the attitudes of some in high office.

      2 – Vague terms like “your neighborhood” probably aren’t legally enforceable. Besides, the motivation of all the rules appears to be social distancing above all else, at least so far in this country.

      Technical note to Hasso (sorry if this is old news, delete if you wish): On the home page, the “Recent Comments” list and the number of responses shown under each headline is out-of-date; it seems to be updated only when you update the home page with a new story link. Likewise, the “Recent Comments” list on older story pages is not updated with comments on newer stories. This used to work as expected.

  2. Bill says:

    Day 4? Heard Trump say we’re quickly approaching day 15 ? Or maybe the social isolation has a disorienting effect. “like sands through the hourglass” (Kidding!), Actually having no trouble staying occupied and always busiest at home of all places. I feel for folks who are losing income but don’t understand people crying because they’re out of puzzles and movies. Haven’t watched a movie or done a puzzle yet. It’s a good time to start a garden…go hiking…or heaven forbid get some chores done!

  3. Gordon L. Shadle says:

    According to the Gov’s website above, the state has provided an online snitch form to report a “non-compliant” business.

    I’m sorry, the state prefers the euphemism “helping.” It’s not Orwellian, it’s “protection”.

    Neighbor snitching on neighbor. The new normal.

  4. CHEZZ says:



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