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Proposed: Another food franchise on 14th

Written June 23rd, 2019 by Hasso Hering

The drive-through Chipotle is proposed where, on June 20, fencing enclosed a temporary plant business.

As if Albany needed more fast-food restaurant franchises, it may get another one on 14th Avenue S.E., on the south side of Heritage Mall.

The city’s Community Development Department has been reviewing the site plan for a 2,315-square-foot Chipotle drive-through restaurant at 1895 14th Ave. S.E.  The city posted the request on its website of planning projects on June 7.

The tentative plan shows the one-story building across the mall entrance east of the Red Robin restaurant. The building would be surrounded by the lane to the drive-up window. The lane is shown to have space for nine vehicles.

The plan also shows 19 parking spaces, one more than required, so presumably there will be inside seating as well.

A decision on the site plan will be made by the planning staff, probably within a few weeks. They’ll also decide on an application to create a separate lot for the restaurant. Now the site is part of the mall, owned by a corporation based in Great Neck, N.Y.

When and if and the restaurant is built once the land-use approvals are secured will be up to the applicant or eventual owner of the new lot. Now the site is occupied by a temporary nursery business. (hh)

This tentative site plan was posted by the city with the public notice of the application for the Chipotle project.


13 responses to “Proposed: Another food franchise on 14th”

  1. Peggy Richner says:

    Likely Chipotle has done its homework and knows better than anyone whether a new franchise food outlet in Albany will be profitable. “Need” is one of those words that is nearly impossible to define. If Chipotle loses its shirt, I trust any loss will be its own to bear.

  2. Craigz says:

    Have never eaten there. Seems like this Company has had issues with food poisoning around the Country. What Albany could use is some nice sit down restaurants with good family food; Olive Garden, Roadhouse, a good Seafood Restaurant, good Steak House. But….the market will support what it can support. If they come….Welcome !

    • Martin says:

      We already have a shot load the f sit down family restaurants across the street is Applebee’s red Robin next door the Italian restaurant near hobby lobby and sizzler near dmv so I’m thinking there is enough sit downs here the closest Chipotle is in Corvallis I’m tired of driving that far for chipotle

    • Bryan says:

      These restaurants you say are “nice” are probably worse for you than most fast food restaurants.

  3. Malah says:

    Maybe since McGrath’s closed in Corvallis, they should consider building in Albany. We always went there for my birthday dinner. Sure don’t want to have to drive to Salem.

  4. Patricia Kight says:

    This looks like it would be built on the space currently being used by the garden center plant sales tent that sets up there every summer. It would be sad to lose that, but I imagine the property owner would make more money off a fixed building.

  5. Anne Gourley says:

    The last comment makes me miss The Hereford Steer.

  6. Ronald says:

    like to see a Sea Food Restaurant since Corvallis is losing McGrafts

  7. shawn dawson says:

    I enjoy Chipotle. Affordable, tasty, non-fried food menu. I support it.

  8. CHEZZ says:

    I was one of the many people who was in the ‘food poisoning lane’ of Chipotle. I was on vacation in Washington. Spent vaca in hotel there to get well enough to travel home. Just sayin’.

  9. Booya! says:

    Business is business. No one forces you to eat there, but it provides jobs for a segment of our society like students, part timers and those looking to qugment there other salary. don’t be hating on Albany attracting business.


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