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Now it’s RedHawks almost everywhere

Written August 22nd, 2018 by Hasso Hering

You’re looking at the back of the press box at RedHawks Stadium, the renamed athletic field of South Albany High School.

In terms of outdoor signage, the high school’s rebranding is almost complete. I’ve been going past the football field from time to time on the bike, hoping to catch them replacing the big “Rebels” lettering. Missed it, though. The new name was up when I got by there on Wednesday afternoon.

Wondering what the name change is costing? School district Business Director Russ Allen gave me an update earlier this month.

“Between the football field, the basketball court, uniforms, and other school-specific rebranding,” he wrote, “I estimate the total price tag to be $150,000.”

There had been cash donations of $7,000 from Tonja Everest, the former assistant superintendent of Greater Albany Public Schools, and $1,250 from Hewlett Packard.

In addition, Allen said, the turf company is working at cost to update the lettering on the field, and a company has made an anonymous donation with a value to the district of about $30,000.

On the football field, the north end zone already says “South Albany.” At the south end, according to Allen, “Rebels” will be replaced by Sept. 1. (hh)

South’s new RedHawks mascot spreads its wings on the donor wall near the football field.

3 responses to “Now it’s RedHawks almost everywhere”

  1. Jim Engel says:

    Tsk, tsk…a glaring “parking” violation in the 1st pic! So the beat to rename to be Democratically P.C. goes on.

  2. H. R. Richnerr says:

    So far, getting rid of our history has been a lot cheaper than Mao’s cultural revolution.

  3. rob sollers says:

    I am interested in knowing exactly how much money the ” politicaly correct” few that demanded this unnessisary change of mascot contributed to doing this? How much came from our kids and grandkids education? Because this was not nessisary and did not change things and benifitted nobody


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