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Not your usual bike path sign …

Written March 13th, 2014 by Hasso Hering
The Dave Clark Path with a new, discreet but helpful sign.

Looking east on the Dave Clark Path with a new, discreet but helpful sign.

In case you want a closer look ...

In case you want a closer look …

Now there’s something to look forward to if you take the Dave Clark Path along the Willamette River in Albany to finish a long ride on a hot summer’s day.

“Cold beer ahead.” Could there be a more welcome sign to cheer the hearts of  weary travelers? Or path walkers, as the case may be?

So now, when you take a break there during the advertised hours, you will have a choice to make. Tepid water from the bike bottle, with its plastic taste? Or a fresh and cool Pilsner just a few feet off the beaten path, in the Deluxe Brewing Co. in the building on the right? Tough choice indeed.

There’s a second new sign just like this on the path coming the other way, lest westward walkers and riders miss getting the word. (hh)

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