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Millersburg panel OKs truck stop

Written January 11th, 2017 by Hasso Hering

Where the tuck stop is planned (photographed in between snow events).

Unless there’s an appeal by opponents or some other hitch, the mid-valley will likely have a new truck stop just north of Albany before the year is out. The Millersburg Planning Commission approved the site plan for a “Love’s Travel Stop and Country Store” on Tuesday night.

Some residents of Millersburg (population 1,730, according to the latest official estimate) are opposed to the truck stop, worried that it will detract from the peace and quiet and the family atmosphere of the fast-growing residential community. But in the “limited industrial” zone where Love’s plans to build, a truck stop is a permitted use, and all that’s necessary is for the city to review the site plan for compliance with requirements of its development code.

I didn’t make it to Millersburg for the meeting. But I inquired this morning, and City Administrator Barbara Castillo replied: “The Love’s Truck Stop was approved unanimously by the Millersburg Planning Commission last night. If no one appeals that decision, it is a done deal.”

Love’s operates truck stops around the country. In its Millersburg application it said, “Construction on the project is expected to start following the approval of the construction plans in the spring of 2017 and may be completed by the end of 2017.”

The facility is planned for a 12-acre property on the east side of Old Salem Road a few hundred feet south of the south Jefferson interchange on I-5. Five warehouse buildings on the site will be demolished, to be replaced by the store including fast-food service, fueling islands for trucks and cars, driveways, landscaping and 153 parking slots, 78 for trucks and 75 for passenger vehicles. (hh)


8 responses to “Millersburg panel OKs truck stop”

  1. John Hartman says:

    There is no sweeter sound than the roar of 12 Peterbuilts idling in the Convenience Store parking lot at midnight on a quiet Summer’s Eve. The vehicular serenade is completed with a high, slamming note as first one tractor, then another and then finally a swelling crescendo of hissing air brakes popping to life.

    The folks nearest the Love Truck Canal will be deservedly excited by the ongoing Dodge-Em Cars Challenge wherein moms with babies in tow go Mano-a-Mano with 53′ tractor-trailers found barging through residential neighborhoods, looking for a turnaround.

    Once the local unit of government approves whatever zoning is necessary, the progress of Love’s Truck Plaza cannot be thwarted.

    The upside is, in a few more years all long haul trucks will be driven by robots. This will eliminate the prostitution rings that now work the big truck stops.

    • James Engel says:

      Mr Hartman, consider this point regarding trucks. EVERYTHING on any store shelf in Albany is delivered via truck from many distant points. Where would you have them park when a driver is at the end of his mandated DOT 10 hour driving limit? It’s certainly not a truck idling that bothers me. It’s those constant trains roaring thru town at all hours blaring those oppressive horns. Nothing is delivered inside Albany by those behemoths! JE

      • John Hartman says:

        It doesn’t follow that the noise and pollution belching from throbbing gangs of gargantuan semis should be forgiven their offense simply because they (the trucks) deliver everything.
        Trucks are inanimate. People control them. Also, people control other people all the time. We call it government.

        Rather, noise pollution and the resulting societal fallout are well-studied phenomenon. Besides, you’re perturbed by my idea even though all I did was point out the obvious. Please note that I did not take a position on the Love Dove Truck Plaza. Once the wheels are greased and the necessary zoning is official, what I think doesn’t amount to a Tinker’s dam. At the end of the day even I was delivered by a truck.

        • centrist says:

          My translation —
          Hartman objects to noise pollution but believes the outcome is inevitable.
          Emotionally-charged phrasing, bringing in baby images and the prostitution canard may have prompted JE’s response.

          Having visited many Love’s travel centers while touring the US, they are predictably clean and have good counter help. As neighbors go, they aren’t on the naughty list

          • John Hartman says:

            I merely pointed out the noise level certain to accompany the facility in question. While people may indeed have visited these facilities and found them pleasant and clean, that is not the same as living in close conjunction. I hope this distinction satisfies those who are enraged by my original comments.

      • John Hartman says:

        Mr. Engel,

        No need for forced conviviality, hollow Bonhomie or standard formality. This is the new, improved Trump Era.

        The single most important saving grace for our nation is precisely that we are free to hold and express opinion, thus far, without fear of being tossed into some dark cell.

        Rock on, dude!

  2. Mrs. Brown says:

    I agree that the proposed site is horrible to our little community. To bad it was not down where the old Paper mill was. It has plenty of room, and easier access for the trucks., and not next to any residential houses.The current corner is so very dangerous when just the Tradewinds trucks are pulling in & out can’t imagine a constant stream of traffic there.

    • Shawn Spencer Maestas says:

      Mrs Brown: I thought the same thing! A little better access at the old Mill for sure. A great place for a beautiful plan and the landscaping would have dressed that up nicely. That corner does worry me as well, coming from a truck driving family. I pray they all stay safe.


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