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Correcting a sign…

Written September 21st, 2013 by

100_1218100_1219“No  park access”? Well, what do you call this, then?

What the sign makers wanted to say was: “You can’t drive into North Albany County Park from this direction, and there are no parking places this way either. So don’t drive up this dead-end section of Grandview Drive N.W. if you want to go to the park. But if you’re on a bike or on foot, by all means, this is the easiest way to get there.”

Compressing all that into three words was an impossible challenge, obviously. And the residents probably didn’t want park visitors to park on the short street blocking their driveways. But the cold and hard fact is: The sign is wrong.

This Benton County park has among other things a picnic shelter, a playground and a parking lot the last time I looked. If you want to visit the place and don’t know where it is, find Valley View Drive in North Albany and follow the county park signs. (hh)

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