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Corona: Day Two of Albany staying home

Written March 24th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

Distancing? No problem when nobody else is around on the riverfront Dave Clark Park.


At little Eads Park, they put bilingual “danger” tape around the play structure.


No reason to worry about motor traffic on First Avenue at 4:24 p,m,


Also empty: Second Avenue, looking east from the corner of Ferry Street.


An apparent exception to the general picture downtown.


Let’s just hope no one here develops a toothache that needs attention right away.

A bike ride around downtown on Tuesday afternoon was nice in one way: No motor traffic to speak of, even during the hour when shops normally would still be open and people with jobs would be starting to think about heading home.

It was saddening in another way: Lots of places were closed, in line with the governor’s order Monday, and the whole place looked pretty lifeless.

Social distancing to avoid any stray novel corona virus, however, was not hard to do, especially on the bike. (hh)


17 responses to “Corona: Day Two of Albany staying home”

  1. Gordon L. Shadle says:

    Are you in violation of para. 22 (minimize non-essential travel) of the the Gov’s order?

  2. BillH says:

    A nice little reset for th economy. All the small business goes broke. Where was everyone when bird flu hit? How about the Asian flu casualties now?

    • ean says:

      70,000 in 1957-58. Not sure it kills many people these days as it has been around a while and immunity has been built up.

  3. thomas cordier says:

    With 22 responses to HH’s first blog on the issue– I decided to wait for this one to comment… Now social distancing is the rage of Oregon political leaders. Six months ago the solution was to come from increasing the population density use by dis-allowing single family zoning and forcing more multiple family structures. Where are the advocates for more people per square foot hiding now?? Probably in their single family homes. The Dems have screwed it up again

    • My Real Name John Hartman says:

      Precisely. Rudy Guiliani has been gathering irrefutable proof that Hunter Biden was in league with the Democratic National Committee, Joe Soros and Ocasio-Cortes to import and spread Coronavirus to the US. In return, Hunter Biden gets $50K a month. I always knew that viruses were political.

    • Johnny Scot Van Ras says:

      Thank you & spot on. Where is gov. Brown, Sara Gesler & the 4 Albany Councilors who mandated ADU’s and HIGH density housing?

      • Ray Kopczynski says:

        COVID-19 will pass and in-fill ADUs will happen. ADUs have been available as an option for years. City of Albany has been OK’ing almost any of them that applied. And guess what, there has been a zero wave of them happening. That won’t change with HB2001… Any bets?

        • Johnny Scot Van Ras says:

          If that is the case, then why the state mandate? Why does the fab 4 of the Albany council continue to waste time and effort on the issue?

          • Ray Kopczynski says:

            From the state: to allow the opportunity for in-fill building – not a mandate to do so.
            From the majority of council (and city planning commission and city staff): same.

  4. Bill says:

    We have a national health problem. It’s really world wide but our own country seems to be more than we can cope with anymore.
    I’m a Trump supporter. I only say this because I see so many whose main concern is how this pandemic will affect Trump’s chances for re-election. It would really be great if we could come together for a while to deal with the problem at hand.
    I hope that we can care about our people and our country more than politics for a while at least.

  5. centrist says:

    A couple of things to consider
    Land use planning became real in Oregon during the Tom McCall era.
    Probably the densest housing I’ve seen is in Hong Kong
    Finally, those who don’t adapt…….

  6. Peg Richner says:

    “3,800 Americans have died each month since September, . . . on average from the seasonal flu according to the CDC (23,000 in total). Big deal. So what? Who cares?

    “As of 10 AM this morning EST the CDC says that total deaths in the past six months from Covid-19 is 804.

    “We already have flu vaccines (they don’t work, obviously, but we have them), but none for Covid-19. Therefore, we must destroy the economy, adopt fascism, create hyperinflation, destroy all civil liberties, and essentially make a Giant Leap Forward towards totalitarianism until we do, and then make it mandatory. It’s just common sense.”

    Above quote from T. DiLorenzo

  7. centrist says:

    I’ve noticed that proponents of non-interference and social Darwinism never volunteer to be first in line.


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