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Albany streets: Ideal for social distancing

Written March 28th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

On Day Six of Oregon’s corona shutdown, it’s discouraging to read that many outdoor recreation sites, like state parks and federal forest trails, have been closed to prevent the contagion from spreading. But we still have city streets.

Here’s what I mean. People not in the same household are supposed to stay at least 6 feet away from each other. In Europe it’s two meters. And on the streets of Albany, regardless of the weather, a guy on a bike can easily ride around for an hour or more without violating that command.

It’s a little trickier on the riverfront Dave Clark Path. This afternoon two walkers were ahead of me. When they noticed me, one stepped to one side of the path, and the other went to the other side. I thanked them and went between them, which put me within about four or five feet of either for one small fraction of a second. So, today’s corona lesson for walkers on multi-use trails: If you want to let somebody pass, it’s safer for everybody if you all step to the same side.

The same applies to sidewalks, one would guess. But on city streets, all but devoid of traffic now, it’s easy to avoid close proximity to others, regardless of whether you go out on foot, or on the bike, like so:

5 responses to “Albany streets: Ideal for social distancing”

  1. GregB says:

    I am always curious. Do you ride your bike all the way from your house, or do you load it up in the truck and haul it to where you want to ride?

  2. CHEZZ says:

    Hasso, thank you for being out there and continuing your reporting. It is a real blessing to see our town!

  3. Gordon L. Shadle says:

    If masks reduce transmission, why not issue a “mask mandate” instead of a stay-at-home order? Heck, I can make my masks at home.

    This would be a much smaller intrusion on our freedom.

    • hj.anony1 says:

      Why don’t you start mass production Shadle?
      And start donating to your local hospital!

      I swear you are all hot air.


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