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A mysterious flying object

Written May 29th, 2014 by Hasso Hering

flying what

This is not exactly in the same league as photographic evidence of flying saucers, but then again, what is it?


I was just aiming my little camera at the woods in the background for my continuing coverage of the endlessly fascinating — and potentially costly — North Albany road improvement controversy. (The woodland may be doomed, replaced by a subdivision, if the city of Albany insists on expensive road “improvements” on Valley View and Crocker Lane N.W.)

And when I looked at the frame later, there seemed to be a flying something in the air. A flying chipmunk? Some other kind of rodent with wings? Or maybe just a big fat bee that happened to buzz through the fame about a foot in front of the lens. (hh)

3 responses to “A mysterious flying object”

  1. Peg Richner says:

    I will be interested to know just what it is, if you ever figure it out. A very strange bird.

  2. Jim Clausen says:

    Looks like a bee mooning you… ;)

  3. Warren Beeson says:

    Looks like a drone to me. You must have said something the Progressives didn’t like. Were you on Fox news? I’m glad the missile missed.


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