Roadside junk: Any answers?

Until now, this spot along Oak Grove Drive in Benton County didn't look like a trash disposal site.

Here's one of life's vexing questions to which we need a better answer, or any workable answer at all: What do we do about people who leave their trash along our public roads?

Clearly something has gone wrong with these folks. And it's probably too late to fix it. In any case, the people who toss their junk -- or leave it, carefully arranged, out of the driving lane -- do their thing when no one is around, and in the country we don't have surveillance cameras everywhere, which is a good thing. So we can't find anyone to blame or to call to account.

Benton County has signs on some roads threatening people who litter with fat fines. If there's ever been a case of a roadside litterer being fined, I'm not aware of it.

Of more immediate concern is what to do with the roadside trash we come across. Now and then, some citizens take plastic bags and a pick-up tool with them on their walks, collect some of the smaller bits of debris and add them to their trash cans when they get home. But yard implements, children's high chairs and other unwieldy stuff? Somebody with time on his hands and a truck might take these things to the dump, but the stiff minimum fee they charge makes such a good deed way too expensive to become a regular thing.

So the abandoned junk sits there, maybe till an inmate work crew comes around, but that's not going to happen if it's not on a main road. (hh)


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