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Work starts on the old Safeway

Written April 6th, 2018 by Hasso Hering

Contractors’ vehicles (and a reporter’s bike) in front of the former Safeway’s iconic roof line Friday afternoon.

For the former Albany Safeway at Pacific and Calapooia, the years of standing vacant are coming to an end. Contractors have begun cleaning out the former store so it can become a new retail business — but not a supermarket.

Greenberry Construction of Corvallis filed for a city permit this week to work on the building. When I stopped at the site on a bike ride Friday, I was told they are clearing out the interior so that remodeling can take place.

Lynn Kampfer, speaking for the Linn County family that owns and building, told me weeks ago that he was negotiating with a prospective new tenant. He has not told me what kind of business it would be, except to say it would not be a grocery.

I could not reach Kampfer Friday. But I understand that the building will house a retail business of some kind. Because neither the exterior layout nor the parking will be changed, city approval of a site plan will not be needed.

Safeway moved to 14th Avenue and closed its store at 635 Pacific S.W. in 1999. Sidewalk pickets asked the company to keep the store open, to no avail. For a while, a dollar store occupied the space, but that, too, closed years ago. (hh)

24 responses to “Work starts on the old Safeway”

  1. hj.anony1 says:

    Oh! This captures the imagination. What could it be? At least the “wavy” roof lives.
    Or may live after the resuscitation of remodel.

    I wait with bated breath!

  2. Colleen says:

    Thank you for the info!

  3. Rhyanna says:

    well shoot. the south needs a grocery store!!!!!

    • Jody says:

      Yes I wish we had a grocery down in the south. Every time my car breaks down and I have to walk miles to get groceries unless I buy food at the Circle K, I wish for a southern grocery in Albany.

  4. John Jay says:


  5. Ashley smith says:

    Wish we got a natural grocery or market choice something with nice salad bar or sweet tomatoes.

  6. Elaine gay says:

    Did they give you any idea when it would be finished?

  7. Rodger Asai says:

    One of my neighbors says she heard it’s going to be a Used Car Lot.

    We’ve been wondering the past several years how many homeless people could have been sheltered there.

    • hj.anony1 says:

      It has been used for that. Those 3 or 4 day sales from out of town dealers. They drive them in and sell ’em. Drive back what doesn’t.

      Hope that is not though. Awful waste of indoor space. Hey! How about a used car lot and indoor carnival arena that is complete with indoor putt-putt. Tiger Woods’ style. ;)

      Dreaming BIG again.

  8. Diane Clark says:

    Thank goodness Hasso keeps us up to date about the city! We appreciate your efforts totally. Yup, curious about the plan for sure. I hope not a used car lot for beauty sake. Gee, this is going to be fun thinking about what will fill the eyesore!,!?? I got it! A youth center paid and sponsored by Parks and Rec!

  9. Cheryl P says:

    Could be I-5 Sports.

  10. Lynda Chambers says:

    I have always loved the Retro look of this building :)

  11. Cindy says:

    Trader Joe’s would be awesome!!!!

  12. Lyle says:

    I heard I5 Powersports and Fred’s Honda are merging and moving in there. Just a rumour though.

  13. Cindy says:

    It would be nice to have Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, New Season, we need healthy food stores here…

  14. Sid Cooper says:

    Not a zoning or retail genius, but the hue and cry for a neighborhood grocery has been constant since Safeway closed. Is it because Safeway made an agreement with the new owners, Hasso? I don’t think Albany is progressive enough to have a neighborhood grocery. Corvallis has one out on 29th that is neighborhood oriented. I still haven’t gotten over losing Safeway. West Albany, rise up!

  15. apk says:

    Oh Please no car lot. Please please.

  16. Bill Looney says:

    Outer lying areas south of Albany schools, as well as West Albany city residents, are sick and tired of having to drive to the Heritage Mall, Safeway, Fred Meyer, and WinCo locations to purchase groceries, medications, etc.
    The Southwest side of Albany deserves better.
    Tangent has nothing. West Albany has nothing. How about a major chain grocery store just south of the Target Distribution Center? I know the City of Albany wants any store within their boundaries, yet this is a roomy, viable option.

  17. Betty says:

    WE NEED A GOOD sea food RESTAURANT OR steak house to eat at. NOT A Fittness place. may a Cash & Carry store might be good in Albany..


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