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Wondering about drones & RC aircraft

Written December 31st, 2013 by Hasso Hering

The Federal Aviation Administration has designated some areas of Oregon as test sites for commercial drones. I’ve been wondering why federal action along those lines was needed since remote-controlled aircraft already fly at various sites including the Benton County Aerodrome near Adair Village. (This is not one of the drone test sites. Those are in central Oregon and on the coast.) Nobody was¬†at the aerodrome¬†on the last afternoon of 2013, but you can see in this video that it’s a very well equipped place for flying dr…, uh, radio-controlled planes.

3 responses to “Wondering about drones & RC aircraft”

  1. Jim Engel says:

    Interesting that you should touch on this subject. My son Doug is into flying these small remote controlled planes. He also has the latest gadget which is a large set of “eye glasses” that is a miniature video screen. Thru the on board camera he is like in the cockpit! Along with a newer type of remote control he can fly out of direct sight (old days) and fly as long as the power lasts. He prefers electric over gas as the electric are quieter! Usually 15 – 20 minutes duration.

    The Albany field had been at the now site of the Linn Fair grounds. The group has moved it out to a field just west of the former Albany Paper Mill in Millersburg.

    Now, as far as having “our for the people by the people” government fly drones… What’s the need unless it’s for bonafide law enforcement occasional use only? I’ve wanted to paint a “fickle finger of fate” on our patio roof for just such an occasion…up to now Betty won’t let me!

    Hope more from you in this new year…JE

  2. Victor Villegas says:

    The FAA makes a distinction between hobby/model aircraft for recreation and those used for commercial application. The test sites are for testing of these UAS/UAV (Unmanned Airfract Systems/Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) for integration into the national airspace. There’s more info available on the FAA’s site: http://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/uas/


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