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Watching a log train being built

Written November 22nd, 2013 by Hasso Hering

I was riding my bike along Albany’s Cox Creek path on Thursday (Nov. 21) — a sunny, cold and windy day — when a train carrying logs was being assembled at the nearby Millersburg yard of the Portland & Western Railroad. The yard figures in the long-standing effort to do more train building there and less at the Albany yard near Queen Avenue, thus decreasing the number of times the Queen Avenue railroad crossing is blocked. I stopped to shoot a brief video. And I thought it would be nice if all those logs were destined for some mill where Oregonians were working. But when last I checked, the logs on such trains were bound for export to Asia via a port on the Columbia River. (hh)

One response to “Watching a log train being built”

  1. rockspur says:

    Most likely Weyerhaeuser logs going to their huge Longview export facility on the Washington State side of the Columbia River.
    The old Willamette Industries longer-harvest, 80 plus year, sustained-yield properties in the Green Peter, Calapoia, and various other Weyerhaeuser timber-lands are being systematically altered to shorter-term, 40-year clear-cut harvest schedules.
    The mills are gone. Longer-term, community investment/jobs such as Willamette Industries provided, have been exchanged by Weyerhaeuser for short-term profits for the owners and stockholders.


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