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Toward a climate dictatorship?

Written November 14th, 2014 by Hasso Hering
Oblivious to the threat of warming, chickadees dodge icicles to get some seeds.

Oblivious to the threat of warming, chickadees dodge icicles to get some seeds.

In Beijing this week, the presidents of China and the United States reached what the press called a historic deal to fight climate change by reducing their countries’ use of fossil fuels. Americans might wonder how such a deal can mean anything at all unless both leaders assume they have similar dictatorial powers, powers that extend far beyond their terms of office.

Under the agreement as reported by CNN, the United States would cut, by 2025, its emissions by up to 28 percent below the level of 2005. China could keep increasing its carbon emissions until 2030 but would also seek to get 20 percent of its energy from zero-emission sources by that same year.

On the face of it, this sounds like a crummy deal for the United States in light of increasing competition from an ever-stronger China. But even if it was a reasonable deal, by what right does Obama seemingly bind his country to something to be done in 2025? How does he commit the country to anything like this without the consent of Congress?

He can’t. As long as sensible Democrats and Republicans control Congress and restrain administration adventures —  which they should start doing — deals like this one mean zip. Congress cannot allow more American jobs to disappear and more workers to be further impoverished in the service of some deal with China or any other nationalistic regime with dictatorial powers.

By making and announcing an agreement like this one, Obama seems to think he has unchecked authority similar to that of the government in Beijing. Instead of proposing actions and seeing if the people’s representatives agree, he is presenting them as things that must and will be done. It’s another example how the politics of climate change — if left to run their course unchecked — could easily wreck what’s left of constitutional government and American liberty itself. (hh)

One response to “Toward a climate dictatorship?”

  1. James Carrick says:

    As you point out, this “agreement” has no legal weight. It is not a treaty and if it was, I doubt it could be ratified. Unintentionally I’m sure, it only points to Obama’s desperation for a legacy HE can be proud of no matter how much damage it causes the nation, now or in the future. It’s as if he’s a (now) petulant six year old with a “bucket list” of items to check off during the remaining two years of this “presidency.” Personally, I’m more concerned about what he might “give” the Iranians in the ongoing nuclear talks. If he allows Iran to develop a nuclear weapon along with their demonstrated ability to deliver it, all of humanity is in a big heap of trouble. Can this man see past his nose? Or his ego? I pray daily for a tremendous bolt of wisdom to strike him. We all should, because we’re stuck with this administration for two more years and he can do a lot of damage in that time.

    This Nobel Peace Prize “winner” is among the biggest threats to world peace I have seen. Peace through weakness? Not a winning formula. Apologizing for our history? Allowing the Iranians to become a nuclear threat? Fear this. To date, he has demonstrated NOTHING to instill any confidence he will ensure this doesn’t happen. Often, the PERCEPTION of strength is more effective than the exercise of that strength. Obama seems oblivious to this notion. President T. Roosevelt said: “Walk softly but carry a big stick.” Timeless words of wisdom for this great nation.

    It remains to be seen what Obama does with his threats of executive action regarding immigration. There are several videos of him explaining how a President simply does not have the constitutional power to do exactly what he is said to be considering/planning. Now it seems that Obama is operating under the idea that “constitutionality” has nothing to do with the Constitution, but rather whether he thinks he can get away with something politically. He must believe he can. The mainstream media continues to run interference for his agenda and his tactics. Look no further than the lack of coverage by the mainstream press and TV networks regarding this week’s revelation of the deception used to get the ACA passed (without a single Republican vote, I would add). Nancy Pelosi isn’t the only one that seems to have forgotten about the role Jonathan Gruber played in the ACA. Incredibly, the major television networks have said almost NOTHING about this. Another Republican lie? Sure it is……….(Liberals, you’ll need to turn on Fox News to see what I’m talking about).

    If the public continues to allow these kinds of things to happen, then we will have effectively created the “uber Presidency” warned to us by Jonathan Turley, a liberal constitutional scholar who has condemned the rising significance of Obama’s “executive action” (don’t quote me the simple meaningless number of EO’s by the last few Presidents. The effect on the Constitution of each EO is what matters) as a political ploy, rather than a simple solution to simple administrative problems, as intended. Turley himself has stated repeatedly that while he is sympathetic to Obama’s views and goals with regard to both the Affordable Care Act and the immigration issues before us now, he remains EMPHATIC that Obama has acted outside his constitutional authority and shows no indication he intends to stop. All this despite numerous SCOTUS decisions (some unanimous) against him for abuse of Executive power. This guy doesn’t lear or doesn’t care. Either way it is harmful to this nation to a far higher degree than any issue he is (suddenly now) “obligated” to solve with these EO’s.

    Turley has opined to Congress that Obama is taking us toward what Turley calls a “constitutional tipping point” and has implored Congress to reassert it’s power and proper Constitutional role in holding Executive Branch power in check. Make no mistake, Obama has had help in circumventing the constitution…from the right as well as his co-conspirators on the left and in the mainstream media. This didn’t start with the current President, but it must be corralled now. How much damage can occur in the time it takes the courts to strike down this nonsense? You can’t un-ring a bell.

    An “evolution of power” to be sure. Obama, a “constitutional scholar?” Schooled in evading and perverting the Constitution is closer to it. After all of his lies, he continues to insult the public as he expects us to actually believe his “stuff.” Has our society as a whole become so gullible? Maybe the most recent election represents a glimmer of hope. I choose to trust the wisdom of our founding fathers over the narcissistic whims of Barack Obama.

    One can agree with Obama’s agenda and that’s fine. However, when citizens condone his “end run” on the Constitution, it will be at our peril. The price will be very high.

    Hasso, your comments are spot on. The ends simply don’t justify HIS means.


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