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The cause: An overturned gas can

Written July 11th, 2016 by Hasso Hering
The way the Burger King fire scene looked on Saturday afternoon.

The way the Burger King fire scene looked on Saturday afternoon.

Spot news is not normally the business of this site. But there are exceptions. For instance: The Albany Fire Department announced Monday afternoon that the Saturday fire that destroyed the Burger King at 1435 Geary St. S.E. was the result of an accident. It happened when gasoline leaking from an overturned gas can was ignited, “more than likely from a pilot light.”

The department also said the property was valued on the county tax rolls at $1.1 million. Destruction of the restaurant was obviously a huge loss, and now we know how huge.

The fire department said employees of the restaurant were interviewed and the scene was investigated. Based on that, this was the conclusion: “The fire has been determined to be an accident. Albany Fire has determined the cause of the fire was gasoline from an overturned gas can in the bulk storage area of the restaurant. Eyewitnesses described the spilled gasoline igniting which more than likely occurred from a pilot light.”

It did not explain what a gasoline can was doing in the restaurant’s storage area, or why it overturned. (hh)

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2 responses to “The cause: An overturned gas can”

  1. centrist says:

    A storage error, compounded by an incidental bump, likely were root elements to this fire. A viable business disappears. Employees scramble to keep money movin’ in (sounds as though the franchise operator has tried to provide opportunities)
    Hope that all involved can find a break to daylight…..

    • Tony White says:

      A little more info appeared in the D-H this morning. The gasoline was needed for a pressure washer and BK has been placing employees at “other franchises.” I’m pretty sure the loss will be covered by insurance so we’ll likely see another building there soon.


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