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A perspective from Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley

This case should be dropped

Written October 21st, 2013 by Hasso Hering

  The state of Oregon has been going after Mandy Kenney for a year and a half. Next week this 29-year-old mother of three is scheduled to go on trial for reckless driving and driving under the influence. This is an unnecessary and unwarranted prosecution and a waste of everybody’s time.On Feb. 1, 2012, Kenney […]

‘Sleep driving:’ A new twist

Written June 3rd, 2013 by

After delays lasting more than a year, Mandy Kenney is scheduled to go on trial June 11 in a case that should never have been brought. But now she may benefit from a new decision by the Oregon Supreme Court. On a February night in 2012, this young mother of three from Turner took some […]

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