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A perspective from Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley

Cyclists acting badly: A councilor complains

Written September 19th, 2019 by Hasso Hering

´╗┐ Every now and then, somebody on the Albany City Council will wonder out loud if anything can be done about bicyclists ignoring the traffic laws or otherwise acting stupid. It happened again last week.

Why we don’t charge cyclists more

Written July 8th, 2015 by Hasso Hering

Proposals to tax and even license bicycle owners and riders got nowhere in the 2015 Oregon legislature because they were bad ideas, too impractical even for lawmakers who usually don’t mind sticking their fellow citizens with higher fees.

Legislators leave cyclists alone

Written June 15th, 2015 by Hasso Hering

Oregon legislators didn’t give much thought to bicycles this session, and that’s all right. Given lawmakers’ drive to make ever more laws, being ignored by them is not a bad thing. The session in Salem is just about over, and it looks like bikes and their riders are being left pretty much alone.

A better bill: Rear lights on bikes

Written April 16th, 2015 by Hasso Hering

You can’t look away from the legislature for even a day. If you do, you might miss legislators doing something sensible, as members of a House committee did last week on the matter of bicyclists in traffic being hard to see at night.

Bill could help cyclists at lights

Written March 16th, 2015 by Hasso Hering

The Oregon Senate has passed, without dissent, a bill intended to help motorcyclists and bicyclists when they are stuck a traffic signals that refuse to detect them standing there. The House now has the bill, and it could do something to make it even more helpful before passing it too.

After the Big One, you need wheels

Written April 9th, 2014 by Hasso Hering

The minor earthquakes in the Sherwood area and on Mount Hood are routine and nothing to worry about, according to scientists quoted in the news. But they remind us all that, as we’ve been warned countless times, the Big One is coming and we had better be prepared.

A road tax on new bikes

Written May 29th, 2013 by

Nobody likes more taxes, but as someone who often rides a bicycle on public roads, I would not mind as modest bike tax that goes into the state highway fund. This idea has been kicking around for years, and Colorado is said to have just such a tax. Now, according to a report in the […]

On passing cyclists

Written October 25th, 2012 by

For people who ride bikes, there’s bad news from California. The governor, Jerry Brown, has vetoed a bill that would make it unlawful for drivers to pass bicyclists closer than three feet. According to a report in Bycycling magazine, the governor said he was worried about a provision allowing drivers to cross the double center┬áline […]

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