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Sunrise Park: Checking on progress

Written May 2nd, 2018 by Hasso Hering

Work to rebuild part of Sunrise Park continued this week. The photo was shot April 30.

The bike and I took a detour down Thurston Street from Queen Avenue this week. And as expected, the Albany city project to do something for the Sunrise Park neighborhood was well under way.

Albany is spending about $239,000 in federal anti-poverty grant money to remodel the park to make it more attractive and useful to families living in the surrounding area, and more accessible to occasional police patrols.

In March, the city council awarded a $259,500 construction contract to Northcore USA LLC of Salem. The city expects to spend about an additional $60,000 on playground equipment and park furniture.

The project calls for a 15-space parking lot off Thurston Street, a new playground at the north end of the site, and a new shelter, among other things. The old covered shelter will be razed.

When will the remodeled part of the park be open to the public? “Still shooting for this July,” Parks and Recreation Director Ed Hodney told me be email “We’ve ordered playground equipment, shelter, etc. to be installed.”

The schedule will depend on when the equipment is delivered and when the parks crew can get it set up.

The Sunrise Park improvement had been planned and budgeted for years but was plagued by regulatory delays involving wetlands. So it’s good to see heavy equipment finally at work on the site. (hh)

6 responses to “Sunrise Park: Checking on progress”

  1. Doug Klinkebiel says:

    They say a city is only as healthy and vibrant as its park system. Albany has always had the reputation for having a good one. This was due a great deal to former Parks Director Dave Clark. Having lived in Lebanon at one time for 25 years, I can say theirs was sorely lacking. I understand it’s much better now.

    • Elizabeth Clark says:

      Thank you Doug for your kind remark on how great Albany Parks were under the direction of my husband , David Clark. There was nothing he loved more than providing great parks and activities for the city. I appreciate the awareness that you have had on the lack of care for the park system the past few years. Thanks. It is so nice to see some development starting in Sunrise Park. Much deserved neighborhood. The new equipment is for pleasure not for vandals to abuse so folks please if you see any vandalism anywhere, take a photo and call police! We have to protect our investments of downtown trees and all areas from the horrors of destruction. Thanks for your comments and thanks Hasso for giving us this news.

      • Doug Klinkebiel says:

        Your husband’s reputation was well deserved, Elizabeth. At the time my family was living in Lebanon but it was Albany’s parks we came to.

        • Elizabeth says:

          Thanks Doug for your kind remarks. Welcome to Albany! I really appreciate Dave being remembered.

  2. GinnyJ says:

    Elizabeth: I worked for Parks & Rec. when your husband Dave was at the helm, and remember his vision for this city’s parks and department programs fondly. He was so kind and helpful with a willingness to share his excitement for the departments future growth with everyone. His enthusiasm, passion and integrity has not been replicated and have been sorely missed since his passing. That department has never been the same since.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you Ginny for your reply about Dave. I know he was going to be hard to replace but I never dreamed things could be so stagnant all these years! It is nice that the new guy is taking on a project, finally. With all the new subdivisions built in the past 15 years, I wonder what happened to an ordinance that required a certain amount of park space was to be given to the city for a park or money equivalent to a park. No new parks have been built so there must be some huge money stashed somewhere or the ordinance isn’t being used anymore. I am glad the new guy found the key of grant money by now to rebuilt or built parks. We want more parks and better maintenance! Thanks Hasso for bringing this article to us.


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