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Road construction: Maybe, maybe not

Written July 30th, 2014 by Hasso Hering


This has to be one of the more optimistic road signs around. Or maybe hopeful is a better adjective.

The sign is attached to the barrier at the dead end of a new street near the west end of Hickory Street in North Albany. Nearby, the construction site has been prepared for Bonaventure Senior Living.

The Bonaventure construction site.

The Bonaventure construction site.

When the Albany Planning Commission approved it last January, the development was described as a 145,000-square-foot complex with 70 apartments for independent living, 50 for assisted living and 24 more for “memory care.” (Among all the euphemisms for disastrous decline in old age, that one seems almost mocking. If people had their memories, they would not need that kind of care.)

Construction of the buildings has not yet begun, but it looks as though the site is ready.

As for the sign, the onlooker is tempted to think: “Or maybe not.” That’s because there’s a roughly 10-foot drop to the lane on the other side of that barrier. So if that street is going to be extended “in the near future,” a whole lot of fill will first have to be dumped on what looks on the map to be Blossom Lane. (hh)

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