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Riding the Waverly Duck — seriously?

Written June 6th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

Somebody is sitting on the Waverly Duck on Saturday afternoon.

You can look at the Waverly Duck. You can photograph it and paddle around it. One thing you’re not supposed to do, I’m pretty sure, is climb aboard.

Somebody did just that as I was passing the pond on Saturday afternoon. I didn’t see the circumstances, such as how the person got on the duck’s back, and his or her identity including age is unknown to me.

I’m left with the supposition that some knucklehead saw the thing floating there in the middle of Waverly Lake and thought it it would be a lark to climb on its back, perhaps from one of the kayaks hovering nearby.

The duck was removed from the lake several years ago because it was in poor shape, partly because of what people had done to it.

After being repaired and repainted in a private effort, it was donated to the city and returned to the lake in 2017, to float there during the summers.  During the winter it’s put in storage.

Its most recent hibernation ended when the parks department placed it back in the water on May 27.

People clambering all over the thing can’t be good for the fiberglass shell or the paint. You’d think people would know that without a big sign telling them to leave the duck alone. Evidently not. (hh)

And here’s another view, from the west end of the lake.

11 responses to “Riding the Waverly Duck — seriously?”

  1. William Ayers says:

    Sorry to state the obvious but – If the duck is our biggest worry, and I do hear you and feel your pain, but we are doing well here in little old Albany if the Duck is our big problem, and in a way, it’s a very happy complaint – at least compared to the devastation elsewhere. Still in all – somethings got to be done about this duck problem! I’m sorry – I’m just laughing a little bit…Thanks Hasso!

    • stevin p johnson says:

      Its actually nice to hear something other than what has dominated the news cycle and cherry picked reasons why we need to stay home and what is OK to gather in large groups if it fits a certain party’s agenda, but I would Imagine those are the people that love selfies and that Duck is dear to many people here and is a landmark so don’t let it bother you to much. I will now let you get back to the news at hand that has all driven us crazy.

  2. Chris says:

    Just wait, someone will get hurt or drown because they messed with it.
    Then it’ll be taken away

  3. CHEZZ says:

    Well, let’s see – this may be a fundraising opportunity!! Over at the airpark in McMinnville, folks are paying the big bucks to sit in the cockpit of the Spruce Goose —
    so……. *LOL Price to sit on the Waverly Duck would include a limo ride to the park, a jet ski run around the lake to the Waverly Duck venue, a champagne toast on the duck… I see a wedding venue coming online!

  4. Moonstruck Exploring says:

    The Spray foam for which this duck is made is delicate and easily damaged. Its disrespectful to the owner, his property and the park. Also disrespectful to the memory of Steve Fletcher (RIP 2018) who was the artist who created it.

    • Colleen says:

      I completely agree. No need to have have the darn thing get damaged every year because a few idiots want to go on a ‘joy ride.’

  5. Non-Boomer says:

    They were just having fun, Jesus people. Yeah maybe they shouldn’t have, but they’re not actively trying to destroy it, they’re just hanging out. Why does everyone have to try to be such a damn party pooper.

  6. Pam Briggs says:

    Amazingly enough the person on the duck was a young girl who was helped onto it by an adult, I’m guessing it was her father, from a kayak they were both on. She spent several minutes sitting, standing, laying, having a snack, and having her picture taken in various poses on it. As they came back close to the shore, they were told by someone that it wasn’t ok to be on the Duck and to stay off.

  7. Rusty Nail says:

    Build the duck. And they will come.

  8. Bill Maddy says:

    This kind of behavior was the demise of the “duck” before. Regardless, I would rather see a BEAVER in Waverly Lake.


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