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Bike route still blocked? Nope

Written February 21st, 2014 by Hasso Hering

(Please find the update below). This is getting a little old. I keep thinking that the “Road Closed” signs on both ends of Bryant Drive and Bryant Way outside of Albany may be outdated. But no, they’re not.
Water from the Calapooia River continued to flow across a couple of low spots on Friday. And the water was higher than two days before, even though it had rained less.
If this becomes a regular thing in winters to come, Linn County might consider a couple of culverts big enough they would not wash out. . (hh)

Update: On Sunday, Feb. 23, the “Road closed” signs had been folded up and the passage was dry. A bit muddy but dry. (hh)

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  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for the update.


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