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Poor Petraeus: Emails?

Written November 12th, 2012 by

For years the press described General Petraeus as a brilliant man. Now we find out that he traded emails with a lover who was not his wife. Not only that, but the lover turned out to be the kind of woman who threatens someone she believes may have her eye on the general as well. All this is according to the press reports on Sunday. I don’t know General Petraeus personally. For all I know he is indeed brilliant in¬†important ways, such as military planning, public¬†administration and getting ahead in his career. But sending emails as part of an affair? How just plain dumb is that? Hasn’t he heard of all the cases where emails became the instrument of someone’s downfall? Who, in this day and age, still puts potentially embarrassing details of his private life in an email? Professional brilliance is one thing, but evidently basic decency and common sense in matters of personal conduct are something else. (hh)

Comment: “Totally agree. What an idiot. Aa horrible role model for everyone else who keeps trying to do the right thing, and does, even when no one is watching.” — Michele LaB.


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