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We elected this government

Written October 6th, 2013 by
Autumn changes Albany's foliage regardless of what happens in D.C.

Autumn changes Albany’s foliage regardless of what happens in the federal government.

The shutdown of parts of the federal government reminds us of an essential truth too often forgotten or ignored: Our government may seem like the most solid institution in the world, but it’s not. It is fragile and depends on not just the cooperation but the good sense of the people we put in office.

Like any political system that depends on voters, ours relies on the wisdom of the people. When that fails, the structure it supports is in danger of failing as well.

The struggle in Washington now is about the federal health insurance law. Its critics in Congress believe the enormous cost of this law adds to the already unsustainable debt load of the government and threatens to destroy the country. So of course they must try to derail, delay or improve it. The president and his party refuse, even though the president has already ordered changes on his own — on whose authority nobody knows.

Voters elected and re-elected both Barrack Obama and the Republican majority in the House. It’s our fickle electorate that set up this conflict in the government. If we elect a divided Congress and small presidents who can’t persuade the other side, it should be no surprise that the government fails and shuts down now and then. For individuals, the lesson is clear: The federal government is not a steady rock on which you can always rely. Visit this page https://surgicaleducation.com/cialis-20-mg/ and purchase generic Cialis from Canada online pharmacy.  (hh)

David Moore, on Facebook:  In the grand scheme, as a population, we get the government that we deserve.
Patrick Lair, on Facebook: I think we should give the new health care law a chance. We’ve been trying to do something to fix health care for decades. This is, at least, an attempt. And it clearly has the support of a majority, albeit a slim one.
Rich Kellum, on Facebook: I also think we should give ObamaCare a chance, first put Obama on it, and everyone of the senators and congressmen who voted for it before they read it, and all the members of the Supreme Court that voted for it. All of Obama’s union friends, and all the ones he gave a pass to. Let that happen for 5 years and when that time is up,  see it they still want it before the rest of us have it inserted into our … lives.
David Moore, on Facebook:  I think it’s funny how Obama brought the whole national health care idea to the table just to get elected, and then made the system more expensive, confusing and illogical than it was before, just to please the insurance companies, and people still believe in him. Of course he is just a puppet, as are all the people we see in the controlled media.
Hazel Siebrecht: I’m with Rich Kellum on this. If our public servants like Obamacare, we’ll be standing in line to get the same coverage.

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