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On Cox Creek, reminders of a storm

Written October 23rd, 2016 by Hasso Hering
Ones of the places where trees came down across the Cox Creek Path.

Ones of the places where trees came down across the Cox Creek Path last weekend.

The weather system that raked western Oregon last weekend is mostly forgotten, and it wasn’t as much of a storm as had been feared, but you still see reminders of it if you ride your bike along Albany’s Cox Creek Path.

The path runs between the creek on one side and the Talking Water Gardens on the other, from Simpson Park to Salem Avenue at Waverly Park. Some time during that windy and rainy weekend, a couple of cottonwoods crashed down across the path, taking out chunks of the Talking Waters fence.

The path itself has long been cleared, allowing unimpeded passage by walkers and people on bikes, including the folks who use the path to get to and from their improvised abodes on the riverbank and in the wilds of Simpson Park. Michael Neal, who manages the Talking Waters for the city, says a contractor will repair the fence in the next few weeks.

I guess nobody was in the way at the time those trees blew down. Otherwise we would have heard. But there are plenty of other trees between the path and the creek. and the sections of smashed fence might serve as a reminder to stay off that path, or at least to keep and eye out and not linger, when a strong wind blows up from south. (hh)



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