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On Cox Creek, heavy-duty mowing

Written June 6th, 2014 by Hasso Hering

The ear-splitting whine of chainsaws made me take notice Friday afternoon on the Waverly Drive bridge across Cox Creek. Turns out a crew working for R. Franco Restoration of Aumsville was just winding up a day’s worth of work on the creek banks all the way from near Salem Avenue.

They’d been cutting down the grass and weeds that had grown about hip high. The idea, evidently, is to free up all the young trees and bushes, native varieties all, the company had planted in the spring of 2013. And I guess that with that much ground to cover and the weeds that high, chainsaws were the tool of choice.

The restoration of the area near Cox Creek from below Waverly Lake to the Willamette River has made good progress. Last year’s plantings look pretty healthy for the most part.

This creek bank restoration is an enterprise of the Calapooia Watershed Council, which in 2012 received approval from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board of a $199,000 grant from state lottery funds to pay for the project. The work is expected to continue off and on through 2017. (hh)


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