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On Albany’s Marion Street: The big lift

Written November 26th, 2019 by Hasso Hering

A segment of the “Stack HIP” is lifted into place this morning off south Marion Street.

It took two giant cranes this morning to insert a component of the “Stack HIP” into the building contructed for it on Marion Street in South Albany.

The lift originaly was scheduled Monday morning, but part of the giant machine was still in transit on I-5, forcing a day’s delay.

Stack Metallurgical bought the “hot isostatic pressing” machine from its manufacturer in Sweden and is installing it in a newly constructed building. Using argon gas, the machine processes titanium and other metals at pressures as high as 29,000 pounds per square inch and temperatures as high as 2,280 degrees F. The process is important to the Albany metals industry but has not been locally available.

The machine is so big and heavy that it had to be lifted and then inserted, from the top, into its housing below ground level. The roof will be finished when the installation is complete.

To support local metals jobs and attract new ones, the Albany City Council on Oct. 9 approved a $745,000 loan to help Stack Metallurgical launch Stack HIP in Albany. The seven-year loan carries a 2.5 percent interest rate.

The installation represents an investment of about $30 million, the council was told. (hh)

This morning’s lift drew a smattering of observers, including photographer Mark Ylen of the Albany Democrat-Herald.


One response to “On Albany’s Marion Street: The big lift”

  1. centrist says:

    Looks to be a coordinated lift of two luffing-rigged cranes. (Allows an extended reach with diminished tipover risk).
    Watched many equipment-setting lifts. This must have been a nice dance


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