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Old Book House getting bigger

Written May 8th, 2016 by Hasso Hering

old book house 2

The reconstruction of what I now call the Old Book House in northeast Albany has been moving along apace since the last update a month ago. The place scarcely resembles what was there before.

As you know if you followed the story, Superior Homebuilding and Carpentry is using the bones of a house dating from 1900 and turning it into a residence suited for modern-day living. The structure at 1405 Front Ave. N.E. was seriously dilapidated when the contractor bought it last year and set about to make a useful residence out of it. Looks like besides getting a garage, the place will have a bigger upstairs and, obviously, an entirely new roof structure.

The place got its name — at least here — when one of its inside walls yielded a 1907 book on railway transportation checked out from the Albany Public Library, apparently in the 1930s, and never returned. The book will go to the purchaser of the house when it’s finished.

This part of the Willamette Neighborhood — which is, remember, part of my riverfront beat — has experienced somewhat of a revival with renovations and new construction in the last few years. The Old Book House continues and advances the trend. (hh)



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