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Not canceled — One way to avoid the panic

Written March 13th, 2020 by Hasso Hering

Too bad that winter weather came back to the Albany area this morning. It made for a chilly and wet ride on the bike.

Why head out in this kind of weather? To make one small point: If riding a bike is a routine, as it is for me, it ought to continue while many other routine activities in life — from attending school to playing or watching sports and, for some people, going to work — have been shut down in the widespread panic about the corona virus.

You can’t blame officials from the president on down for declaring “emergencies.” They’d be accused or inaction or indifference otherwise. But if this is an emergency, what do they declare it when, for example, we get hit by the huge earthquake that all the experts say we should expect?

Not to belittle the public concern about a contagious respiratory illness — though a mild one in most cases, according to the news — but there’s something to be said for paying no attention and going for a ride instead. Even when it rains and the wind makes the phone’s microphone howl, as you can hear below. (hh)

5 responses to “Not canceled — One way to avoid the panic”

  1. hj.anony1 says:

    Social distancing at its best! As long as you didn’t follow it up with a buffet lunch with many others….

  2. RUDY Hashberger says:


  3. centrist says:

    Daily exercise likely has your immune system consistent with 45 years old. So your risk of the cytokine pneumonia is slight. For others, not so much.
    When a few of your friends, neighbors, readers croak, please say pleasant things about them.

  4. My Real Name John Hartman says:

    We are pleased that the author is more confident in his analysis of the current health situation than are the medical professionals who do this stuff for a living. A pandemic is small potatoes, so don’t worry. Be HAPPY!

    Seems to me that Trump displayed Hering’s same casual indifference just a few days ago…but suddenly he’s declared a National Emergency. This is good solid analysis, Hasso. You’re only a few days behind Trump.

  5. Cheryl P says:

    “Seems to me that Trump displayed Hering’s same casual indifference just a few days ago…but suddenly he’s declared a National Emergency.”

    Is that what he did or what you were told that he did? I only ask because I was reading the comments on an article this morning how obvious it was that the majority of folks were responding to the headline as opposed to the content and doing their own critical thinking.


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