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Not a boring walk at all

Written August 31st, 2019 by Hasso Hering

On the Dave Clark Path on the afternoon of Aug. 22.

Who says there’s nothing to see on Albany’s Dave Clark Riverside Path? Now and then you can see an osprey sitting high up in the trees, as these people did one sunny afternoon a couple of weeks ago.

Ospreys are a common sight on the Willamette River. Also recently, people on the path were glad to be able to watch  — for a little while, anyway — what looked like a golden eagle settling down in the woods on the opposite bank, and then taking off again.

What else can you see along this riverside path?

During the summer. because of all the foliage, not much of the river itself. Instead, now you can watch the construction of townhouses at Edgewater Village, a folk-art mural on a wooden fence, a dirt-track jalopy or two sitting behind an industrial building, heavy equipment stored on a vacant lot, and the occasional homeless person taking a mid-day nap.

All in all, not a boring ride or walk, especially when further enlivened by the glimpse of a big bird half concealed high up in the trees. (hh)

Try to spot the osprey in this shot. (Sorry, no prizes if you see it.)

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4 responses to “Not a boring walk at all”

  1. Connie says:

    I’m glad to see these people enjoying the birds. The other large bird is more likely to be an immature bald eagle. A golden eagle would be rare here and more likely to be seen on the other side of the Cascades.

    It is amazing what can be seen by just looking upward a little while out walking. At Periwinkle Park I see ospreys, blue herons, a green heron (rare, I believe). At Grand Prairie Park I’ve seen bald eagles and other raptors.

    It has been a while since I’ve done the Dave Clark Path. I’ll have to check it out, maybe I’ll see a bald eagle, mature or otherwise.

  2. Jim Engel says:

    So we have a path just like Corvallis. We have a street (Water) just like 1st St in Corvallis. We have an undeveloped river bank just like Corvallis. So why is it necessary to spend 2.3M for a study on how to beautify the area? Haven’t we already spent a zillion dollars on on streets & sidewalks in the downtown area. We’ve put enough lipstick on that pig so now we must put some rouge & mascara on!!! Too much trouble to park downtown so we shop/eat way east of there!!


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