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New owner plans to divide business site

Written August 18th, 2022 by Hasso Hering

There’s a lot of unused space –or was when the photo was taken Aug. 6 — in this corner of the Bi-Mart parking lot at Clay Street and Santiam Highway.

Except for a coffee kiosk, the southwest corner of Santiam Highway and Clay Street in Albany looks pretty empty most of the time. That might change under new ownership of the land.

A real estate investment group named LRG and based in Walcut Creek, Calif., bought the commercial property this past March for just over $9.5 million.

The property includes the Albany Bi-Mart store and several other tenants including the Sizzler restaurant, plus the Albany office of the Oregon DMV.

LRG has filed an application with the city of Albany Community Development Department to divide the 6.88-acre property into five lots. Owners within 300 feet have been notified, and Friday is the last day for them to comment.

A plat of the tentative subdivision, prepared by K&D Engineering of Albany, contains a notice concerning Lot 2, the one at the corner of Santiam and Clay.

It says the corner lot would be a temporary easement for access to the other four lots. But the easement is “to be removed prior to the development and sale of Lot 2.”

It says nothing about when that sale might take place or what the development would be.

For several years, the former Signs of Victory Mission would set up a Christmas tree lot on that corner.  The land is zoned for “regional commercial” use. So if and when the corner is developed, chances are it won’t be to sell Christmas trees. (hh)

14 responses to “New owner plans to divide business site”

  1. Hartman says:

    Will this affect the Scratch ‘n Dent store next to Pizza Amore”

  2. Jennifer says:

    Not a fan of change for the most part, and I know I don’t understand this process fully either. Sad to see that a major commercial property in our town is now owned by a California Company :-( Not that I know who owned it previously but …. would love it of Oregon property was owned by Oregonians. And that Christmas Tree lot is one of the oldest spots in town …. so big BOO from me there. Just complaining :-)

  3. centrist says:

    Whoa HH
    Just means they can’t sell trees there.
    15 yd penalty because you know better.

    • Hasso Hering says:

      Know better than what? I’m just guessing, but I doubt that a real estate investment company buys a regional commercial site in order to habe a seasonal tree lot.

      • Hartman says:

        I am having a difficult time with the anti-christmas tree rant that seems to dominate this and other discussions. Albany is supposed to be in support of Christmas and the accoutrement surrounding this beloved holiday. Don’t let out-of-state corporate raiders destroy a long and hallowed tradition. The christmas tree haters must not win!

        • Hasso Hering says:

          Sorry I ever mentioned Christmas trees. This had nothing to do with the story, which is that the parcel is going to be split with the intent of eventually selling and/or developing the new corner lot.

          • Gordon L. Shadle says:

            “This had nothing to do with the story…”

            So why in hell did you commit about 18% of your words to say “…set up a Christmas tree lot on that corner. The land is zoned for “regional commercial” use. So if and when the corner is developed, chances are it won’t be to sell Christmas trees.”

            You confuse your readers by sending conflicting messages. Focus, Hasso, focus….

          • Hartman says:

            It is truly a sad day for Albanians. I’m talking about when Hasso Hering lamented,
            “Sorry I ever mentioned Christmas trees.”

            Given this apologia from Albany’s most-heralded scribe, one naturally wonders if the secular humanists have finally won out, destroying the last vestige of paganistic, ritualistic celebration of the winter solstice. Corporate interests trump local heritage. Where is the Albany Landmarks Commission on this issue?

  4. CHEZZ says:

    The Christmas tree lot can move elsewhere – a no brainer. Time to stop bashing California for everything – what is up with that? The property is underused and can certainly handle more businesses. Moving forward – new businesses are good for the city and economy. PS: Complain and remain…

  5. hj.anony1 says:

    LOL. “focus, Hasso, focus…” I enjoy LOLs…….

    Don’t. Stop. Don’t STOP!!!

  6. Bob Woods says:

    ….Moving right along…

  7. MarK says:

    For those who want to criticize Hasso’s reporting, the web is EXTREMELY large. Feel free to take your comments elsewhere, or start your own site.

  8. Al Nyman says:

    Don’t let the lunatics bother you Hasso. After finding out I’m a white supremacist on your blog, nothing surprises me about your responders.

  9. Julie V says:

    I will be interested to see how it’s divided. Right now, it’s easy to move though the lot from one business to another, and also easily connect to other parking lots for businesses to the west. I surely hope that along with the dividing up the lot they don’t install barriers so you can’t get from one place to another. It’s so frustrating when adjoining business lots are partitioned off so that you can’t get from one to another without getting back out onto the main road.


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