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My corona rides: Here’s another scene

Written April 1st, 2020 by Hasso Hering

As a barrier this looks pretty effective. A gate,though, might be easier to open.

Self-isolating on the bike on Albany’s empty streets during these Days of Corona, you pretty soon run out of notable things to see and photograph. But then you come across this, and the message is: “Stay Out.”

This is just before 13th Avenue ducks under the old Oregon Electric Railroad line near the western city limits. Up to this point, the street was improved for the construction of houses in the Takena Estates subdivision. (Two houses have been finished there, and the third is just being started.)

The railroad track, of course, is used by the Portland & Western. About a quarter-mile beyond the underpass and the rail line, there’s the Calapooia River, which forms the Albany city limit in that area.

It’s not clear from the city’s online map whether the public street, 13th Avenue, extends to the track or beyond, or whether it ends where that length of pipe blocks the road.

What’s on the other side of the railroad, according to county property records and Google Maps, is a big filbert orchard owned by Riverbend Hazelnut Farm LLC.

The tire tracks on the pavement say that now and then a truck goes through there. One hopes that the pipe, despite its size and weight, is not all that difficult to move. (hh)

3 responses to “My corona rides: Here’s another scene”

  1. Sidney Cooper says:

    The pipe is difficult to move because it denies four wheeling trucks access to area alongside the tracks to tear up with their rigs at all hours on property that is not theirs. It also denies people access to the filbert ranch just after the tracks where there has been some mischief and thievery. The farmer likes it that way. As an area resident, so do I. Social media draws people like flies to opportunity and this is one they have no right to abuse.

  2. hj.anony1 says:

    Commenter not happy you have brought attention to an area of Albany.

    Side topic….

    Honest question…where is GOPer Sprenger’s no mask bill at now? DOA?

    Looks like 45’s administration is calling NOW for all masked up out in public.

    I love irony! Stay well everybody.

    • Sidney Cooper says:

      Actually, Hasso’s attention came after the pipe was placed. I refer to the Facebook kind of social media where younger types are able to cruise sites for local happenings and take advantage of them. I saw it numerous times working at OSU. Not surprising, and the farmer has a gated access which did not keep someone from stealing his truck batteries. The pipe keeps people away from attractive nuisances and the neighborhood stays quiet, both good things. Meanwhile, the road is used for walking, skateboarding and the occasional bike rides, as well as contractors. Neighbors could be arriving soon.


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