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Lights in the rain: Watching the show

Written January 23rd, 2020 by Hasso Hering

Glad I’m not out on the bike on a night like this…

Being perhaps too easily impressed, I was interested in the light show on Albany’s Second Avenue on Thursday night. So I turned the camera on.

Rain hammering on the roof. Drops splattering on the windshield. The beat of the wipers, very slow. And lights everywhere.

A downpour on a city street. A little traffic, but not much. Perfect chance to pull to the curb and watch the lights and colors play. (hh)

5 responses to “Lights in the rain: Watching the show”

  1. Lisa Poppleton Farnam says:

    Thank you for the cozy touch of home. Here in Minnesota, I look forward to the actual liquid precipitation of spring.

  2. Katherine says:

    I enjoy coming over the bridge from N. Albany and seeing the snowflake lights at night. I’m sure they will be coming down soon but they sure have brightened my early morning commute this January.

  3. CHEZZ says:

    A rain dance! So nice we can take a contemplative respite from our busy lives. Thanks for noticing.

  4. DaleS says:

    And just like that, you have your very own live impressionist painting.

  5. cap says:

    Speeding and the new LED lights on vehicles are primary reasons we have had so many car accidents (and too many with fatalities) in this area in 2020 already. Coupled with the speeding and the white LED lights are some bikes that don’t have adequate reflectors or lights and pedestrians in dark clothing. Also, highways with 4 or more lanes just are not safe for bicycles and pedestrians, especially at night. Actually, they really aren’t safe for vehicles, either.


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